How A Hard Drive Shredding Service Can Help You Avoid These Terrible Ways Of Destroying Hard Drives

Sometimes when watching a television program or a movie, you might see someone trying to “delete” a hard drive. Sometimes the characters try using large magnets, or cold temperatures, or even a hammer. Much like a lot of what we see in TV and movies, these techniques are often pure fiction. There are many ways that information can be accessed after a hard drive has apparently been “deleted” that most people might not think about. A hard drive shredding service will tell you that real hard drives are much heartier than their fictional counterparts, and hold on to information much better. Here are some terrible ways that some people use to try destroying their hard drives.


Erasing The Data

If you simply erase the data on your hard drive, that will not be enough to keep criminals and others from accessing the information. There is software that is widely available that can recover deleted data and make it as if it was never erased at all. That means that your credit card information, personal information, and other private information may still be there for anyone to gather and use if they get their hands on your not really deleted hard drive. A mobile shredding service can come right to your home or office and provide hard drive shredding services to completely destroy your drive and the information it contained.


Formatting The Hard Drive

During the process of formatting a hard drive, the previous information is essentially written over to create new directories. Unfortunately, much like deleting the drive, in most cases software can recover what had been there before. This is not a completely safe method of wiping a hard drive.


Not Bothering With It

This might seem silly, but there are far too many people who simply do not care and assume that they will never be the target of thieves. They may end up just throwing the hard drive away without any cares at all. Unfortunately, not only is this dangerous, but it may also be illegal. If your business involves using clients’ private information, or if you store the information of employees, then you are legally obligated to protect it. If you can’t be bothered to do your due diligence, then contact a professional for hard drive shredding service to take care of it for you.


Lock And Key

Some businesses simply lock their old hard drives and other computer components in a storage room. They may have years’ worth sitting there collecting dust and retaining all that information. If the information exists, it can be stolen. Besides, all that hardware can take up a lot of space over the years.


The Hammer Method

This may seem like a good idea, especially if you want to take out some frustrations after a tough day at work, but it’s not really practical and not necessarily effective. If the drive is not fully destroyed, then the information can still be accessed once it is left out with the trash.


There are many reasons why a workplace might take shortcuts when it comes to destroying digital data, but none of those reasons should be considered valid. Contact mobile shredding companies to make sure that your hard drives and the information stored on them is completely destroyed and safe from thieves.