Helping Families Of Inmates Lower Their Jail Call Phone Bill.

The need for constant communication between the nearly 2 million incarcerated Americans and their families has necessitated the creation of competitive calling services by is the leading service provider of premium calling services both local state calls as well as international calls in a majority of the cells around the country. The combination of years of experience, strong voice service, low cost charges and effective call transfers sets them apart as the go-to firm when it comes to setting up inmate calling service.

GlobalTel offer accounts with no joining fee, you can login online to view your account, there’s no contract and no need for credit check. You can also cancel the calling services at any time.  The firm at all times seeks to ensure that you have full control of your joining, account management and exit at the lowest possible charges to you. You are always able to access your calling data including calla histories on your account at no extra charge.

Take advantage of our money back guarantee. If the calling, account opening or any other aspect of the GlobalTel calling service doesn’t live up to your expectation you can cancel and get a refund. Even if you just change your mind, or want to test the service, get frustrated by a product or simply want to move on to another platforms, whatever the reason we’ll refund your top up.  We won’t ask any questions, but we’d appreciate if you could let us know why your desire to setting up a calling service didn’t work out.

GlobalTel ensures that you pay as you go and pay monthly options which frees you up to set up the service based on your needs and financial capacity. You can get started with a £5 top-up immediately you sign up for the service. Once you sign up for the service you will get free low balance text alerts. The service registers high quality voice calls at all times.

Notably GlobalTel has one of the best and most friendly customer services. Your new number is issued to you instantly once you sing up. You are free to call from your mobile and the signup takes just 1 minute, no personal info needed. The customer service team can be reached at any time of day or night through text, email, calls or webchat which expands your ability to reach them and get your issue sorted in real time.