Helping Families Of Inmates Lower Their Jail Call Phone Bill. helps families of inmates lower their jail call phone bill.  The massive infrastructure sending, cutting edge technology, and effective structuring of the calls services based on inmates calling habits ensures that is able to provide tailor-made calling service at very competitive rates for both local and international calls. has premium offers that help you secure a local line for your inmate calling service which ensures that all your callas are billed as local as opposed to international calls.

The calling service works with both cell phones or landlines and does not affect the caller’s existing service, phone number, or billing in any way. This level of convenient is incredible as it frees up the inmates family to reach him or her at any time or their choosing. The first step towards securing the low cost jail calls is signing up to activate your SecurTel phone number and get an online account. After that the service provider will research and provide your new “lowest cost” Jail Phone Number.

There is no contractual obligation needed when you sign up for the number. There’s also n sign up fees or any other fee attached to account opening such as maintenance fee, retainer fee and termination fees. You can also cancel the account at any time with no penalties levied on your card. Most importantly you can change the destination number depending on the call charges provision in the region this can significantly reduce your calling rates.

SecurTel offers you a 3 months plan is a one-time charge of $45.98 which includes activation fee and all the relevant FCC taxes. There are unlimited minutes allocated on your SecurTel service. Besides these you will get high quality voice lines. The most critical issue is to ensure that you explore the different calling service provisions by SecurTel to ensure that you get the best possible calling package value for your money.

Every family with an inmate seeks to stop high inmate calling fees. Through SecurTel you can first sign up then activate your card, then research on the “lowest cost” Jail Phone Number and then register the new number with Securus. Finally, anytime your inmate calls you they will reach you through your new phone number. You will automatically avoid paying any high local charges or long distance call charges if they call you through your SecurTel phone number.