Mount Your Action Camera

An action camera is usually lightweight and it has a water-proof surface. The gadget is known for its robust performance. Users can mount these gadgets in almost anywhere or anywhere. It will help photographers and sports enthusiasts to capture the very best epic footages. The merchandise can capture both videos but still photos. Continue studying to understand about 5 the best places to mount an action camera to obtain extreme videos but still photos in the best angles.

The surface of the Helmet: This is among the the best places to put this product. Cyclists and bikers make use of this place to mount this gadget.


1. Pure POV feel

2. Vibration from the motorcycle has no effect on the performance


1. High-speed wind can impact the performance

2. Can attract undesirable attention

3. Mind may go through heavy

Better to Shoot: Number of riders’ footage.

Beside the Helmet: This is among the best places for bikers to put action cameras. It can benefit users to capture great side views.


1. Not far from POV feel

2. Don’t attract undesirable attention


1. Can impact balance from the rider

2. You will simply obtain the shot in one side

Better to Shoot: Side views.

In the Steering or even the Handlebar: Bikers and vehicle motorists may use this area to mount your camera.


1. No added weight around the rider

2. Stable and secure place


1. Jello Effect: Vibration from the bike can impact the look and video quality

2. It sometimes can block the windshield. This will depend on the style of your bike

Better to Shoot: Front view, road view.

Frame Sliders or Passenger Pegs or Crash Bars: These positions are just relevant for bikers.


1. Steady location

2. Unique position to shoot


1. Footage is only going to cover side view

2. Typical perspective

Better to Shoot: The street from the lean position.

Tail Portion of the Bike: This is actually the best position to obtain a view in the back side.


1. Stable place to mount

2. Viewers can easily see your body position from the rider


1. Users require a wide-position camera lens to capture the entire view

Better to Shoot: Body position from the rider.

Final Words:

So fundamental essentials 5 best places where users can mount their action cameras. It can help these to capture the very best sports moments from various unique angles. Users can try recording both still pics and vids for creating a supreme experience.

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