How Hiring a Dog Walker can Help with Training your Dog

Many people in the Chicago, IL area hire a dog walker to ensure that their dog gets proper exercise. Just because you don’t always have time to walk your furry friend isn’t a good enough excuse to skip the stroll. Dogs need their exercise to live a long happy life. However, exercise isn’t the only reason you should be walking your dog. Did you know that hiring a dog walker can help with training your dog too?  Yes, it’s true. They can even provide you with dog walking tips to help you get the most out of the walks with your dog.


In an ideal world you’d hire a dog walker soon after getting your new puppy. The sooner you start the process the better it is for training your dog. Here’s how a dog walker can help with training as part of your overall canine care plan.



Puppies have a hard time controlling their bladder. So anyone who has a full time job and a new puppy will understand how difficult it is to get your puppy to last all day without making a mess on your floors or carpet. Some people are able to come home for lunch and let their dogs out, but others don’t have that luxury. A dog walker can help. You can arrange for them to come everyday at lunch to put your dog outside. This teaches your dog that outside time is when they can do their business. If you leave it too long they eventually give up and make a mess. But if you put a strong routine in place, they’ll start to understand when they can relieve themselves.



Frequent walks are an excellent way to socialize your dog. Every day that you’re out there with your pooch, the more people and other dogs he is exposed to. This forces him to socialize with others. Even if he’s not good at it in the beginning, he’ll get better at it the more time goes by. You’ll also be able to identify patterns to see what habits need to be worked on and which ones are working well.



You may be teaching your dog to sit and lie down at home, but the more people who expose your furry friend to commands, the higher likelihood of him retaining the information. So by you doing it at home and your walker doing it while on a walk, the more you are drilling the into to your dog’s memory.



Regularly exercising your dog is a habit you should form right from the start. They say that a tired dog is a good dog. This is very true. Puppies are notorious for chewing and biting everything in site. One reason for this is that they have so much energy to spare. A walk helps burn some of that energy off so that it’s not directed towards your shoes and other prized possessions.  A dog walker can also give you dog walking tips so that you can do it yourself and not always have to rely on the service.


If you live in the Chicago, IL area and have a new puppy, strongly consider getting a dog walker to help with your new pooch’s training. Proper canine care is vital and a dog walking service can help put you on the right track.