Home essentials on a budget

If you have just moved into a new home, you may be excited with unpacking and figuring out where everything goes. You will no doubt discover that you are missing some items that you will need to make your new home perfect. As your list gets longer, you’ll realize that you cannot possibly afford everything. It’s time to start looking for some bargains. Here are some ways to get your home essentials on a budget.


If you haven’t found a fantastic thrift store in your neighborhood, it’s time to start looking. Thrift stores generally offer used products to customers, so you can find furniture, kitchen items, office supplies, lamps, and much more. Some thrift stores specialize in home furnishings and sell new inventory donated from businesses that haven’t sold that inventory. The best part is that you are not only being kind to the earth by buying these products, but you are also likely helping an underserved community in your town, as thrift stores are usually run for the benefit of local charities.

Another great place to pick up used items is your nearby garage or estate sale. Estate sales are ideal for new home dwellers because nearly everything in the house is sold. Watch your local newspaper for ads, and target sales offering items that you may need. Some towns dedicate a weekend each year to a community-wide garage sale event, so you can have a fun day shopping. Remember to have cash handy, and be prepared to negotiate for a better price.

Many people sell individual items that you can use. Check the classified ads in your paper, or check out online sales listings for bookcases, sofas, beds, and other larger home needs. Just be sure that you have a way to transport whatever you want to purchase.

Steer clear of retail

Every time you walk into a retail store, you are paying not only for the lights and salespersons but also for the mark-up that the store puts on items so that they can make a profit on the price they paid to a wholesaler. You can save by shopping wholesale and pay the same price that the retail merchants pay.

Get online

You can’t get any cheaper than free. Before digging into online shopping, check Freecycle for people giving away used items. You take the item as is, but you will be saving money for other things that you need in your new home.

The internet is a great place to find bargains. Many websites offer daily deals where you can get home products for a discount. If you subscribe to your favorite home websites, you can get the inside scoop on upcoming sales and get coupons directly from the sellers.

You can also save money by shopping on sites that offer the products that you need at great prices. Product as seen on TV in infomercials can now be found on great websites at affordable prices. These sites can have something for every room: pillows for the bedroom, grout for the bathroom tile, a food processor for the kitchen, rug grips for the living room, and excellent cleaning products for the whole house.

Prepare for some DIY

Most stores charge assembly and delivery fees for items such as desks, entertainment centers, and bookcases. If you are willing to engage in a bit of sweat equity, buying products unassembled and transporting them yourself can save you some cash. Many assembly kits come with all the materials that you need, and even with tools such as screwdrivers and hammers.

You can take DIY one step further and build your own furniture or paint your new space. Online tutorials teach you how to take a humble item such as a pallet and turn it into a bed.

Take the ugly one

Many stores have scratch-and-dent items for sale. These items are perfectly functional but have some minor surface damage. You may not like the idea of it, but take a look anyway. You may realize that the damage is going to be hidden by a wall or desk in your house or that you can cover it with paint.

Many items also get sold for less because they are not a popular color or style. You may not be excited about neon-yellow bedsheets, but if they are Egyptian cotton and have a high thread count, it may be worth remembering that you can cover them with your duvet.

It is exciting to find ways to make your home comfortable and welcoming. Even if you are on a budget, you can find everything that you need with some smart shopping and a little elbow grease. Your dream home is waiting for you.