House Leveling Is Not a DIY Job

There seems to be more and more private citizens learning how to do repair and renovation jobs on their own these days. It used to be that to fix many things around the home, you had to have been taught by a parent, at school, or in a trades school. Nowadays, with the rise of the internet, there are videos and tutorials all over the place showing millions of people every day how to fix their homes for cheaper. There are some things, though, that you shouldn’t attempt to do on your own. House leveling, for instance, is one of those things. Sure, you could try to repair a foundation problem yourself, but it’s not a good idea. Here’s why things like slab foundation repair should always be left to the professionals.


Might Only Be A Temporary Solution

Foundation repair should be treated with seriousness. The foundation is the very base of your home. It’s what holds everything else up. Without it, your home could sink right into the ground. A do-it-yourself video may tell you some techniques for fixing a foundation problem, but you won’t know if you’ve fixed the issue permanently. In fact, you may even be causing further damage by doing a quick fix to your foundation. A professional will be able to properly assess your issue, and execute the appropriate fix to make sure that your foundation stays intact for years to come.



House leveling and other fixes like slab foundation repair needs to be done responsibly and safely. A professional will be certified and trained to make sure that all proper procedures and protocols are followed when working on your foundation. Foundation issues themselves, if they’ve been left too long, can be dangerous on their own. If your home slopes, or there are cracks in the floors and walls, then there is a chance that your home might collapse in certain places. An incorrectly performed repair could in fact cause such a collapse.



Professional foundation repair companies have access to many products and pieces of equipment that help get the job done right. A layman may be able to obtain some of these, but it would probably be at a great cost. Certainly not worth buying something for one job, when you could probably hire someone to do the work for cheaper.



Building codes in San Antonio, or anywhere, are constantly evolving. That means that since the way houses are built is changing, then the techniques to repair them may have to change as well. A foundation repair specialist will be up to date on all of the current best practices, and will be able to implement them properly. Also, not all house leveling jobs are created equal. There may be a complication or an unexpected wrinkle that means the contractor has to think on their feet. A laymen won’t be aware of all of the options available if something unexpected happens during the repair.


There are so many jobs that are perfect for the handyman at home. Luckily, the web is littered with videos and guides that will give detailed descriptions on how to perform almost any repair imaginable. Foundation repair should not be one of those repairs, however. If you think you have an issue with your foundation, call a professional right away to get it assessed and get it fixed as soon as possible.