How a Temporary Staffing Agency Works for You, The Job Seeker

You have no doubt heard of temp agencies. But do you know what they are, exactly? A temporary staffing agency can do a lot for you when you are working on finding an office job that fits your part time or temporary needs. They work with employers and with potential employees to fill staffing gaps. These agencies are used by both big and small San Antonio businesses, because they can be more efficient and more effective in filling their needs. Without an agency, a company would have to spend time recruiting, interviewing, and then training a new candidate, who may or may not work out. Then the process would repeat itself. By using a temporary staffing agency, employers can get someone else to do that work and can easily replace a worker if it is not the right fit. These temporary staffing needs can happen in many different situations, such as seasonal work and coverage for illness, among other things. Here are some other things you should know about using a staffing agency when finding an office job.


You Work for the Agency

Sure, you will perform your duties at the workplace of the employer, but technically would be an employee of the agency. The agency will pay you and provide benefits as well. They will be responsible for your unemployment benefits, workers compensation, and anything else when it comes to employer responsibilities. The employer will pay the agency a certain amount per hour of your work, of which the agency will give you a percentage.


They Help You with Job Search Skills

If you have been banging your head against a wall while finding an office job, there may be a reason that you have been unsuccessful. You just might not know it. Working with a temporary staffing agency means that they help you with every aspect of looking for work. They will review your resume and recommend improvements to highlight your skills. They can guide you through writing an effective cover letter. They can even coach you on interview skills while performing a mock interview.  They are invested in you getting a position and being a good fit. They are paid for the service they provide, which is you, so your success is their success.


They Give You More Opportunities

Anyone can peruse job boards and newspaper ads when they are in “finding an office job” mode. That is why it is always good to have an inside track on some opportunities. A temporary staffing agency can often provide that. They often have agreements with companies to be their sole staffing provider. That means that there are jobs out there that aren’t being advertised and are available only through the right agency. Find an agency that works closely with the industry you would like to work in, and you will be open to many opportunities that would not have been available before.


You Can Be Flexible

One of the best things is that you can give them your needs and priorities, and they will do what they can to match them for you. That means if you only can work 2 days a week, they will work to find somewhere that needs help 2 days a week. Also, if a job is not working out for you, then you can always try something else. The agency will find a replacement quickly, and continue to look for your perfect fit.