Why it is Important to Obtain a Professional Domain Name

We are living in modern times when technology has moved a notch higher and a lot of people now rely on online platforms to do business. Nowadays, transactions have moved online and a many entrepreneurs are running online businesses. With increased competition, you need to find ways you can stay ahead of your competitors and generate higher revenues. One way of doing this is to acquire a professional domain name that comes with numerous advantages. Fortunately, there are reputable companies such as GoDaddy that offer domain names at shockingly affordable prices. Whether you have a startup or an established business, you need to seriously think about having a premium domain name that will play a key role in establishing your brand.


So, what are the benefits of acquiring your domain name?


Greater Brand Recognition


If you have a premium domain name, it will be easier for visitors to remember your name. Of course, when choosing a name, make sure to have a short and easy to spell domain name because it speaks volume about your business reputation and what you do. Companies with good premium domain names tend to penetrate the market faster and therefore, don’t have to spend huge sums of money in order to get users to recognize their brands.


Trust and Authority


Customers tend to be more trustworthy with you and your business if you have a registered professional business domain. Since online shopping has gained popularity, it is good to come up with a domain name that commands both trust and authority because these two factors have a direct impact on how customers will perceive your brand. When you have a premium domain name, by extension you get a chance to use professional emails which is a huge plus for your business.


SEO Benefits


SEO is the current big thing because everyone wants their business to be top of search engine rankings. As opposed to free domains, premium domain names positively influence search engine optimization parameters meaning you stand a higher chance of achieving good rankings. When choosing a premium domain name, it is always wise to pick a keyword rich name as it will help a great deal in strategically positioning you online. With a great domain name, you can have your webmaster work more effectively with SEO and online marketing strategies such as link placement and email outreach.


Boost Direct Traffic


Depending on which name you choose, there are some domain names which naturally attract direct type-in traffic. There are some sites where visitors just type in the complete domain name in a browser tab and are immediately directed to a website instead of using phrases in search engines. Direct type-in traffic is an excellent way to generate high conversion rates and for your visitors to quickly find your website.


Aids in Physical Marketing


Away from the online environment, premium domain names can also be of great assistance with offline marketing strategies such as billboards, radio, print ads and TV among others. This is because these domain names are usually short and so people are likely to remember the URL and visit it at their own convenience.