Increase Your Chances to Be Employed With A Digital Solution

If your are applying for a job, it’s advisable to provide as much information as possible. It depends on a position, but often a copy of your resume is not enough. An employer may require some additional documents as a provement of your qualification. Generally, an applicant is required to compose a cover letter and to complete a job application. In addition, you may be asked to attach supporting documentation. Such documents may include certifications, portfolios, recommendation letters, educational transcripts, references or even Veterans’ Preference papers. Mostly, the list of attachments is specified in the job posting. All requirements should correspond the employer’s hiring requirements, that help to evaluate applications. To cite an example, the availability of the transcript allows hirers to confirm, that you are graduated. Another reason to require attachment papers is an employer’s desire to test a candidate. In some cases, it appears to be very important to follow the instructions. For instance, job posting mentions, that an applicant must submit a recommendation letter. That means, that all candidates, who didn’t, will be probably sorted out.


Knowing how to present information is a professional skill, that is not less important than knowing what to present. Arrange all the required documents into one combined multiple file and send it to your employer electronically. Thus, it is easier to view the documents on-by-one. You perspective hirer is not burdened by the need of searching and switching a number of files. He or she can sees all the important information right on the screen and doesn’t have to click on and on. Use PDF extension. It works the best, as it can’t be changed unless you want it. Send your PDFs to a range of employers and all of them will see the same look of the document. No matter what operating system they work with. They can even access your letter on-the-go as it is possible to use smartphone or tablet to read PDF.

How to merge PDF documents?

You can find an appropriate program, that operates PDFs, but now it’s possible to eliminate downloading and installations. Simplify the process of applying for a job by using an online application, that works in browser. Take only few simple steps to combine PDF files(

  • First, simply drag and drop your PDFs into the box or press the orange Choose Files button to upload files. Organize the documents you’ll be merging.
  • Second, preview and arrange your PDF documents in the order of your choosing. Easily rearrange and delete files if you have changed your mind.

After a minute get a final result, that may edited if needed. Download your PDF adsolutly for free.