Investing in brand sunglasses – worth it or not

The majority of people, and especially men, who are not really concerned about fashion, think that expensive brand sunglasses are a waste of money. Well, of course, there is always a better use for that $100, you may think. But have you ever considered that the brand sunglasses are not only a fancy accessory but also a health-protecting device?

How the sun harms our eyes?

It is proven that our eyes can be easily harmed by the UV rays not only when we are exposed to direct sunlight on the beach but also during winter when snow reflects the sun rays and blinds us.

There are two types of damage from the ultraviolet. The first comes from the rays of the type A that damage the back of the eye and contribute to vision deterioration with age. Yes, people who develop poor vision in their middle and older age could have prevented it using qualitative protection for their eyes!

The second type, UV rays B, cause damage to the front part of the eye. This can result in sooner deterioration. For example, if you don’t use polarized sunglasses on the beach or in mountains, you can suffer from a corneal sunburn and even blindness. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can also lead to the cataract development, pterygium (a benign growth of the conjunctiva that can cause vision loss), or even skin cancer.

 Why do cheap sunglasses do not work?

The main difference between the cheap plastic eyewear and the brand sunglasses is that they are made from different materials. If you buy a pair for less than 5 dollars, do not expect it to be made of a good quality material. Their “lenses” are simple pieces of dark plastic that can only do harm to your eyes instead of protecting them. When our eyes are tricked into “thinking” that we entered a dark area when we put sunglasses on, the pupil expands and welcomes more sunlight than it would if you weren’t wearing shades at all. If your lenses do not have a protective layer, a polarized coating, it means that your eyes will get even more UV rays into them.

Designer eyeglasses that you can buy at attractive discount prices here are made from qualitative materials exclusively. The manufacturers, who sell their products all around the world and have a well-established name, wouldn’t risk their reputation making their shades of inferior materials. The polarization of lenses is a costly process too, which is why large brands do it and simple no-name Chinese factories who supply 5 dollar eyewear don’t.

Side note

Let’s get back to the sunglasses as a fashion accessory. Even if you still think that it is a whim of rich people, think again. First of all, qualitative products last much longer than those made of inferior materials. Secondly, first impressions always matter and if you want to impress your business partners or wish to find a love of your life, you should consider paying attention to what you wear rather that put on the cheapest, usually outdated, stuff.