iPhone News


In June 2007, the first Apple handheld gadget was introduced and this has been credited to the late Steve Job; one of the founders of Apple Inc.  The completion of their hard work was seen on another production of cutting edge gadget—the first iPad.

Before iPhone was introduced, Newton Message Pad was created in the mid of 1990. Years after that, most of its features have been incorporated to iPhone.  IPhone was introduced to the public with innovative design that uses aluminum and glass materials with enhanced touch experience. IPhone development costed $150 million but since its release it has sold out more than 250 Million worldwide. Who wouldn’t want to have a phone with all that swipe features, scroll, pinch and all?

iPhone First Release

The first release was as major breakthrough but in order to meet  the 3G standards, iPhone 1st generation was upgraded to iPhone 3G. Although this is similar to the previous model, it had a much better aluminum base and an option plastic rear. And what was so cool about this was it had iOS 2.0


The iPhone 3G and iPhone 4

In 2009, the iPhone 3G with all important feature was released to the general public and sold over 1million units. Some of its features includes: double RAM, better life and increased 3G performance. The following year, iPhone 4 was released. The phone came with more features that includes 512 MM RAM,5MP Cam, 800Mhz, Apple A4chipset and camera display with s960 by 640 screen resolution which id 2  times the resolution compared to iPhone 3G.

iPhone 4s and 5S

iPhone 4s was release in 2011 with changes in the software, thus the added “S”. It did come with enhanced Apple A5 chipset processor and a camera 8 MP. It also had 1080 HD video capability. The following year, iPhone 5S was introduced. iPhone 5S offered quality interior and exterior. The screen came with 4 inch display and a 326 pixel. The exterior was made out of aluminum and glass that makes it silvery in appearance. The Camera for “selfie” was developed from VGA to 1.3 M, the RAM doubled to 1GB and it came with Apple chipset-A6.  This was thought to have doubles the iPhone 4 features.

In 2013, Apple release a new series called iPhone 5s that look like a golden bar, it came with Apple chipset a7, features includes fingerprint scanner.

The iPhone 6

In 2014, iPhone 6 was introduced. It had 4.7 inch display, improved camera for fast social media sharing. In 2015, Apple release iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s PLUS. Both are powered with Apple A9 chipset.

At last another series was introduced this year and this time, you’ll get more features- say hello to iPhone 7. It comes with upgraded camera, water resistance, and longer battery life. Tim Cook, the one who succeeded Steve Jobs; said “we have created the world’s most advanced smartphone. “ He was of course talking about the iPhone 7. Anyone from Apple might have thought and perhaps say the same thing of course…but only the consumers can really tell the difference.