More Than Just Moving Supplies

Selling cheap moving boxes is part of a shipping-supply business, but there’s more to this industry than just moving supplies. Boxes and tape are only the beginning of a huge inventory that can help any business with their transport needs. Take a closer look at some items that can help a business with its day-to-day operations. Moving and shipping can be completed in little time with the right supplies on hand.

Transporting Electronic Parts
A company might buy a lot of cheap moving boxes for their transport needs, but more complex products may be necessary too. Shipping electronic parts, such as printed-circuit boards, requires bags that fight off static electricity. Anti-static bags secure these electronics within a static-free environment until they’re removed by the final customer. Hundreds of dollars in parts can be saved when a business stocks these bags for every electronic shipment.

Wrapping Up Those Boxes

Tape is the most common way of securing cheap moving boxes, but these cardboard products will often require other accessories for that professional appearance. Reusing boxes is normal in almost any industry. Mask old boxes with a specialized cardboard paint. Businesses can add new logos and shipping labels to an old box without problems. Stock up on other moving supplies, such as twine or box cutters. Running an efficient shipping area is part of a successful business.

Getting Around the Warehouse

An old dolly might be on its last wheels so buy another one as a warehouse backup. Workers with broken warehouse equipment won’t be efficient, and the lack of equipment might injury someone. As a manual backup to dollies, stock up on moving straps that can be used in an emergency. Two workers can safely lift a heavy item around the warehouse when a dolly isn’t available.

Protecting Those Floors

A business might move desks, filing cabinets and other furniture around a building on a regular basis. Maintain a professional appearance by using furniture slides under these heavy items. Without slides, the floor can be permanently damaged. Businesses that either lease or own the building do not want damaged floors at any time.

When a company is in need of moving supplies, managers should choose a supplier with flexible purchasing options. Businesses should be allowed to buy one or 100 items at a time without any penalties in either case. With a reputable supply partner, transporting items will be streamlined and inexpensive.