Living In An Older Home? Here Are Signs You May Need Foundation Repair

Foundation problems can be difficult to detect. The part of the house you’re dealing with is below ground and obscured from view. As homes get older, foundations are bound to have problems. Over time, no matter how well-built a home has been, the elements and simple degradation can start to take their toll, and issues will start to arise. The older a house is, the more likely there will be problems. Modern concrete slabs weren’t even in wide use until the middle of last century, so homes built before that might be resting on foundations that are just not as solid. Also, accumulated moisture and the roots from nearby trees can all cause damage to the foundation and house shifting. Here are some ways you can catch issues before they get too far.



Uneven floors are a tell-tale sign that you might need house leveling. They can be difficult to notice, however, since the changes happen over time. You won’t wake up one day and feel like you’re walking through an amusement park fun house. You may notice that doors and windows won’t close smoothly, for instance. You can drop a marble and see if it roles in a certain direction. An uneven floor doesn’t automatically mean you need foundation repair, but it’s a pretty safe bet.


Pipe Leak

A pipe leak, or a slab leak, happens when a pipe running through or under your concrete foundation ruptures. This can occur with the incoming line or the sewer line going out. The pipes rupture when the concrete shifts. This puts pressure on the pipes, and can cause them to burst. If left undetected too long, the water will keep accumulating and can cause immeasurable damage. Mold and mildew can build up, which can harm your foundation even more.



If your home is in need of foundation repair, cracks can be a big indicator. They will most likely show up near doors and windows. They can even appear on chimneys. On the outside of the house, there may be cracks in between bricks, or on any stairs you may have. Cracks on the outside of the house caused by foundation issues will almost certainly get wider as time goes on.


Issues With Older Houses

Purchasing a home with character and charm is often a great investment, and many people love such homes. However, they do tend to look more naturally run down when they are purchased, so some issues can go undetected. An older home will probably creak more than new homes, and have things like insulation issues, which can make other problems harder to detect. Owners of older houses need to take extra care to examine their house extensively to make sure there are no signs that serious foundation problems might be present. You may want to hire a licensed engineer who specializes in foundation repair and have them check out your home. If you have to get house leveling services, you want to get it done sooner rather than later.


Foundation repair might be one of the most important fixes you can get for your older San Antonio home. The foundation is the base that holds your entire house up, so it should never be taken for granted. If you do see any signs that your foundation is breaking down, make sure to contact a professional to assess and repair any problems as soon as possible.