How to make an Amazeballs DIY Photo Booth

Lets face it, weddings can be pretty darn expensive and occasionally even the best
of us have to look for ways to save a few dollars. The good news is, saving dollars
doesn’t have to equate to missing out… as long as you’re willing to sharpen up your
DIY skills and get crafty!
Here’s 8 tips to help you save money by making an awesome DIY photo booth.
1. The Backdrop.
By far the easiest and cheapest backdrop option is to use a wall at your venue. A
great wall to use as a backdrop will meet a few criteria –
• It will be non reflective with a matte finish. Glossy surfaces can look great but can
be a nightmare to light evenly, a matte finish will give you far fewer hassles and a
more uniform light. Some great options are raw brick walls, painted feature walls
or simply find a plain painted wall that is in reasonable condition.
• Consider its location, it needs to be in a position that is close enough to the action
so guests will use your photo booth, but out of any main thoroughfares where it
will disrupt the flow of traffic.
If your venue doesn’t have a suitable wall the next best option is to purchase some
fabric from a local retail outlet. Here’s what to look for in fabric –
• Simple patterns tend to work best, ahem, polka dots are a great choice!
• Pick a fabric that wont wrinkle too badly. Giving it an iron prior to hanging is a
good idea to reduce wrinkles and make your DIY booth look more professional.
• Most fabric comes in widths off approx 1.5 metres. 2 metres of fabric will provide
you with a backdrop that measures 1.5 x 2 metres. This will suite your cameras
sensor ratio nicely and allow plenty of guests to squeeze into each photo.
• Fabric can be clamped to a backdrop stand which you can hire from photographic
retailers. Alternatively you can build your own using PVC pipe, there are plenty of
easy to follow tutorials online.
The Light
A great photograph is all about the light and the key to a great photo booth is
smooth, even lighting. How do I know this? I’ve been a professional photographer
for 15 years and run a photo booth hire business geared towards producing the
best photos possible. Here’s how to go about it –
• Place your photo booth in an area without harsh directional lighting. Spotlights or
strong down lights will result in harsh shadows and unflattering photos. If you’re
having your Photo Booth outside during the day find an area that is shaded and
out of direct sun.
• You’ll need a fair amount of light to get sharp, noise free photos. A good option is
to use a camera with a built in flash, or better yet a hotshoe mounted flash.
• If you’re not using a flash try to fill the area with light, but keep it soft. A great way
to do this is bounce light off nearby walls and ceilings. Down lights and spot lights
can be pointed away from the booth towards a wall so the light ‘bounces’ back
into the booth. You can also help things along by placing lamps and other light
sources close to walls near your photo booth.
The Camera
• If you already have it, your best bet is to place a digital camera on a tripod. Have
someone stand in front of the backdrop and set the camera up so it frames them
nicely. Make sure you get most of the backdrop in the frame!
If you don’t have a camera an instant camera such as the Fuji Instax is a fun
choice. Guest will get photos instantly, but it will cost you a little more in film.
If you don’t want to spend money on a camera, set up a sign telling guests to use
their smart phones in the booth. A nice backdrop and even lighting provides a great
location for wedding selfies!
The Props
Last but not least, grab some props! A weekend spent visiting charity shops and
two dollar shops will provide you with a host of weird and wonderful props for your
guest to have fun with. There’s no need to go overboard though, choose a few key
items and make your guests be creative with them!
It may take a little experimentation, but it’s really not that difficult to put together an
awesome DIY photo booth that will allow your guests to have a great time while
capturing some great memories of your