You may be ready to marry

You may be ready to marry, but how do you know that your boyfriend is feeling the same? Boyfriends have the commitment phobia. They love to date but they shy away from the thought of marriage. Well most of the males do, there are exceptions of course. If two of you have been a couple for long and he has not popped the question yet how do you know he is ready to tie the knot? Worry not, for there are telltale signs that he is ready for commitment and that he is dead serious about you. Read on to know how to recognize these signs.

Sign I That He is Ready for a Future with You

A man, who wants to spend the rest of his life with you, will begin discussing his future with you. This is a sure sign that he is ready for marriage and he is not just being with you. Listen to him when he talks about the future. Does he use terms such as ‘us’ and ‘we’? If he talks about the future in mutual concern it is a sign he is looking towards spending a lifetime with you. These are subtle signs which you must try and catch.

Sign II That He is Ready for Marriage

Man has always been the earning member of the family. It is an inherent trait in men from time immemorial. In modern days it translates to how the man spends his money or how he saves it. If he has started saving for the future it is a sign that he is ready to settle down. It is a sign that he is ready to shoulder the responsibility of a family of his own. If he discusses buying a home with you look at it as a clear indication that he has plans of marriage going through his mind. He speaks to you about his finances and purchasing a house because he trusts you and holds your opinion in high esteem. Check out this great website for marriage 2017.

Sign III That You are the One He is Going to Marry

This is one sign that cannot be ignored. Every woman who has been introduced to her boyfriend’s family must know that he will be marrying her soon. He wanting you to meet his family is of great significance as it indicates that he wants you to get acquainted with people who are close to him in his family. He is ready to introduce you to people who are his close ones. This is a sign to you but also as well as his family that you are the one for him. If you want to take the relationship to the stage embrace his people.

Sign IV That He will Propose to You Sooner Than Later

If he invites you to family gatherings, where no outsiders are present you must know he thinks of you as a part of his family. You will have to mingle with his family and make yourself comfortable with the members.


All the above signs are eminent signals that your boyfriend wants to take you as his wife. He will be down on his knees proposing to you sooner than you thought. So be prepared to accept his proposal. Show that you are surprised even if you had expected it and have blissful life together.