Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews – Lies or Real? [May 2018]

Medical Breakthrough is one of the most popular massage chairs out there today. With over 76, 5 star reviews and ranking #1 on most list as the best massage chair ever made. We want to know the truth, is everything a bunch of lies or is it real. How do their chairs compare to all the other chairs, and why are they so much better if they really are?



About Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs

If you’re looking for solution to bodily pain and daily stress, you’ve might have read or heard about Medical Breakthrough massage chairs.  Medical Breakthrough makes high end, medical massage chairs.  They’re backed my over 26 doctors and medical professionals, feature numerous topnotch functions, and have been praised by news outlets like Fox News.


But how true are these claims?  Let’s break down all the facts and find out.


Brief Background on Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs


Medical Breakthrough claims to relieve bodily pain and reduce stress in just 15 minutes.  While the company’s contention of lightening fast relief might be debatable, the positive effect of massage therapy is not.  According the Mayo Clinic, massage therapy reduces pain, lowers stress and boosts your immune system.   The American Massage Therapy Association reports, that when the topic of massage therapy of comes up in doctors’ offices more than 63% of American doctors recommend it to their patients.


So, despite the fact that the assertion of immediate pain relief might not be true for everybody – the claim that this massage chair does reduce pain and stress is a legitimate.


Medical Breakthrough Massage Features


Medical Breakthrough massage chairs have several bonuses that are either nonexistent in other chairs or superior to similar features offered by other companies.


  1.  3D Deep Tissue Massage – Provides a deep tissue rubdown that is similar to Swedish massage.   It focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue and tendons to release chronic muscle tension.  It also lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormone levels.


  1. Lower Back Massage System — Features intense back rollers that feel like the strong hands of a massage therapist.  Relieves tension and soreness in the lumbar region of the spine.  Deep Shiatsu-style kneading eases aching muscles, lessens tightness, and helps promote muscle recovery.


  1. Zero Gravity Sleep System   — Inflatable air cells place your body in a 165 degree angle, taking the pressure off your spine and lower back.  You’ll feel like you’re lying on a cloud.  It’s so relaxing you’re likely to fall asleep in a matter of minutes.  And unlike other chairs with similar features, Medical Breakthrough chairs won’t reset to an upright position when the massage is over, waking you up.  These massage chairs are engineered to sleep in, and support more than 8 hours of slumber.


  1.  Full Body Scan – It uses Smart technology to give you a complete scan.  It maps your anatomy to make sure the chair’s mechanism and movements are perfectly compatible to your body.


  1.  Full Body Stretch – This function will stretch your body like a runner.  It holds your hips in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is extended, giving you professional, chiropractor-grade stretches.  Improves posture, increases flexibility, and reduces soreness.


  1. Whole Body Massage – Medical Breakthrough massage chairs treat your entire body.  The all-around therapy hits all your pain and stress points; including your shoulders, back, legs, and feet.  Promotes circulation all over the body, relaxes muscles, and improves muscle recovery, especially after exercise.  The chair’s foot reflexology system is particularly excellent.  It utilizes air cell and roller units to compress and massage the soles, arches, and top of your feet.  It’s great for people suffering from common forms of arthritis, toe pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries, or everyday strain.  Foot reflexology has been known decrease stress and anxiety in the entire body, as well.


  1. Arm Massage – The chair’s Engulfed Arm Massage and Hand Reflexology Massage Systems are a customer favorite.  Medical Breakthrough is one of the few companies that include arm and hand units that completely cover your entire limbs.  Air cells relax and rejuvenate muscles, and eliminate lymph congestion and waste product around the nerves that cause pain.



What Are People Saying About Medical Breakthrough?


Medical Breakthrough massage chairs get rave reviews.  They were features on FOX News and experts called them, possibly “the World’s Greatest Massage Chair!”   The company has over seventy-six 5 Star Reviews on Yelp.


They have an A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  An although they have some complaints; reading through the criticism, it looks like they’ve resolved every single one of them.


Over 26 doctors and other medical professionals stand behind our products.  This group of MDs, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Pain Specialists and Surgeons represent prestigious medical institutions like Yale, Princeton, and Stanford.


We have read some comments online that say Medical Breakthrough chairs are not FDA registered.  This is probably because it’s not prominently listed on their website.   But after lots of digging we found out that their products are registered with the FDA as medical devices.


The Bottom Line About Medical Breakthrough


Medical Breakthrough makes quality massage chairs.  They have amazing features like 3D Deep Tissue Massage, Lower Back Massage, Zero Gravity Sleep, and Full Body Stretch, among others.  They’re backed over 26 doctors.  Plus the number of positive customer reviews for Medical Breakthrough products rank among the highest in the industry.   Buying a massage chair from Medical Breakthrough seems like a sure bet if there ever was one.