Men’s Swimwear Has Evolved

Men’s swimwear has certainly altered through the years and just what men used within the beach within the 1900s was far in the stylish Saul men’s shorts from Independent Leaders the Produced In Chelsea star Ryan Libbey was seen putting on lately. Actually, Ryan Libbey’s recent selection of beachwear was quite modest in comparison to the skimpy briefs from the 1970s. Here is a rundown of simply how much men’s swimwear has altered through the years.


In 1915, men’s attire for any day by the pool looked a lot more like under garments of computer did a bathing costume. Modesty and decency remained as high in agenda in those days, so men were covered using their thighs for their neck, and along their arms, by one-piece swimsuits that left absolutely something to the imagination.


By 1925, thing’s had started to lighten a little, only a bit. Men exposing their arms around the beach grew to become acceptable, therefore the tank-top look grew to become the large factor in men’s swimwear. Lower at the base half, things had a little freer too, as men’s go swimming shorts grew to become looser along with a bit greater in the leg.

1930s and 1940s

Within the 1930s, things certainly started to release up, because it finally grew to become legal for males to consider their shirts off around the beach! Within the 1930s and 1940s, men’s beachwear shorts were really shorter around the leg compared to what they generally are today. The color of men’s swimwear within this period, though, still continued to be fairly subdued.

1950s and 1960s

Within the 1950s and 1960s new, materials, for example spandex and rayon, arrived to fashion, so men’s swimwear got tighter, in addition to a tiny bit shorter. Things also got much more colourful, with brightly coloured and patterned swimming shorts.

1970s and 1980s

The 1970s was the certainly the last decade of briefs around the beach for males plus they were as colourful and funky because they were small. That trend did not continue for as lengthy as you may have thought, though, because within the 80s, comfortable boxer short style beachwear was back.


Men’s Swimwear gravitated downwards again within the 1990s, when Hawaiian style shorts were the factor to appear putting on around the beach, combined with the ever-present pookah covering necklace to choose them, obviously.

Early 2000s

Because the recession bit in early 2000s, so fashion grew to become a little more understated. The garish colours of Hawaiian beach shorts recently mono-colour men’s swimwear grew to become standard.


Today, men’s swimmer includes a clearly Brazilian feel into it. It’s colourful, it’s comfortable and it is really quite modest too. It’s certainly got the design of carefree, fun-filled, holidays under the sun along with a free-spirited lifestyle.

So, from masking within the 1900s, through tight, uncomfortable, and far too revealing, speedos within the 1970s, towards the relaxed and free-spirited feel from the late 2000s, men’s swimwear certainly originates through quite an evolution. It can make you question what sort of beachwear reality show celebrities like Ryan Libbey is going to be putting on next.

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