Mezhyhirya Residence

The unbelievably lavish mansion was abandoned when Yanukovych fled to Russia within the wake of bloody protests following his government’s unpopular decision to bolster ties with Russia rather from the Eu. Activists flooded (but didn’t loot) the recently unguarded property to determine its lengthy-suspected opulence on their own, a disturbing contrast towards the poverty of numerous Ukrainians.

The estate was transferred to condition possession that spring, and it was formally a museum through the finish of the season. The central feature may be the luxurious “Honka” clubhouse. Yanukovych decorated the home and property with outlandishly decadent possessions, together with a piano modeled following the one from John Lennon’s “Imagine” video, personalized brandy, a personal zoo, an old-fashioned book that’s likely the very first book ever printed in Ukraine, a classic vehicle and motorcycle collection, a 3D cinema, numerous works of art and sculptures, and decorative duck houses.

A duplicate of the Spanish galleon, with a restaurant aboard, sits within the property’s pond, nicknamed the “palace around the water,” and there’s additionally a event gazebo, a guesthouse, along with a giant sculpture of the horse. The home has become a really nice park associated the museum.

For pretty much a millennium, the land from the Mezhyhirya Residence was the place to find a monastery. After that it briefly offered being an artistic commune, as well as in 1935 it grew to become a normal condition-run residence for political and military leaders. Yanukovych first moved to the property as he grew to become Pm of Ukraine in 2002, and progressively elevated his possession from the surrounding lands and structures, transforming these to fit his lavish lifestyle.

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