Mobile App Trending Categories in 2017

The mobile-first world has introduced a number of game-altering market possibilities for enterprises. Apps have grown to be an excellent information source for individuals varying from buying movie tickets, shopping online, paying, scheduling routine tasks plus much more. From education to entertainment, business to banking, visit healthcare, a variety of groups originates into existence. Sticking exactly the same, listed here are the very best and many evolving 8 trending groups of 2017 to think about for your forthcoming project.

Shopping Online

Nowadays, popular shopping online apps are greatly stimulating the popularity of mobile shopping. It will help you to look the preferred products simply by installing it. With advanced search options based on different groups, age bracket, prize, discount rates along with other festive offers you can assist users to make their shopping online trouble-free and faster.

On-demand Service

From shipping your package during holidays to booking an immediate vehicle ride, on-demand services apps perform functions which make a persons lives simpler. They are a subset of traditional discussing and delivery services. Popular on-demand services are proving itself to be a dependable, highly accessible supply of technology-enabled transportation for individuals, therefore easing their lives.

Gps navigation Navigation

Numerous highly accessible, highly informative navigation maps came in to the picture right now which, offer real-time traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions, bicycle routes and examine offline maps too. Furthermore, there’s a number of apps which help in planning your easiest journey, locating the quickest path to achieve your destination and steer clear of on-route congested zones.

Business Enhancement

Mobile phone applications include such a variety of lengthy-term lucrative benefits. Because of this fact, many organizations are attempting to develop effective mobile apps which, attempt to simplify their intricate work processes. Enterprise, hybrid, cloud-based, small company, security oriented and much more advanced features promote companies to another horizon for exploring their growth.

Social Networking Networking

Social media apps hold an excellent place both in the Play Stores nowadays. The majority of the smartphone users prefer to access their social networking profiles via them rather of utilizing the desktop versions. Furthermore, social networking networking apps help users to remain associated with the social contacts everywhere anytime.


Messaging can also be among the top trending groups in 2017. The reason behind their growing recognition is its free availability as well as other effective features for example video, voice call, chatting plus much more for communicating and connecting efficiently, easily and rapidly. In addition, the majority of the messaging applications nowadays facilitate regular updates together with high-finish features which, boost the usability experience.


Gaming is among the most lucrative and popular groups of latest occasions and entrepreneurs are seeing it as being an excellent money-making chance. In line with the various effective revenue models, gaming applications are responsible for huge revenues within the recent occasions by utilizing other ways like compensated reely usage, in-game item purchases too.


While listing the very best trending groups of 2017, music apps are gaining wide acceptance. Many music apps can be found at both Application Stores which, allow users to hear their favourite tracks watching videos both offline and online. With the aid of online streaming, users can obtain access to a variety of unmatched features like discussing music with buddies, creating playlists plus much more.

Final word

These popular trending groups have gain wide momentum by to date within this digital world. Pointless to state, entrepreneurs are getting an excellent scope of creating money by developing highly intuitive and want-specific mobile phone applications. However, professional there’s help essential with regards to the event process. Thus, it’s highly significant to go over your particular needs by having an acclaimed application development company for correct development and sustained success.

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