How Mobile Shredding Services Are Changing the Game

There’s never been a time in history when handling sensitive information properly has been more important. Identity theft and other crimes that are possible with stolen information seem to be running rampant all over the world. Businesses and other entities that handle this information have to be more careful than ever before, and want to do the best job possible without affecting their normal operations. That’s why mobile shredding services have become so important and have essentially revolutionized the paper shredding industry. Here are some reasons why these secure shredding services have changed the game.



There are businesses that shred documents themselves. However, this might not be the best use of their time. Staff members have probably been hired to serve a certain function, and spending time shredding documents takes them away from those duties. They are probably also not specialists when it comes to document destruction, so it may be an ineffective action in any case.


Save Money

Yes, it costs money to use mobile shredding services, but it may actually save money in the long run. Doing the shredding in-house can not just cost productivity. Those staff hours used for shredding could be used for other things. Businesses could be wasting money by doing shredding themselves.


Protect Reputation

Performing shredding in-house may be possible within the structure of your business when it comes to staffing. However, after documents have been shredded, you’ll need somewhere to dispose of the shredded paper. Mobile shredding services offer more than just secure shredding. They will also destroy everything in a safe way that doesn’t pose a security risk in the way that disposing of it with your regular recycling would. If information gets loose because of improper disposal, then your business could suffer from a major loss of reputation.



Businesses generally want to be as efficient as possible. In the digital age, there isn’t as much of a need for large storage and filing areas in a typical workplace. Modern offices reflect this. If a company uses mobile shredding services, they can have space cleared more quickly so their office isn’t getting cluttered. Documents will be removed quickly and easily with little disruption to the working environment. Room can be made more quickly to keep the office looking professional and clean. It also encourages clear desks, which are a major source of information theft. The easier it is for employees to dispose of documents safely, the better.



Mobile shredding can help with safety as well, believe it or not. Paper piles are a major fire hazard, for instance. Plus, if there is paper lying around on the floor, there is a risk of slipping and falling. Mobile shredding is making offices safer everywhere.


Laws and Regulations

There are several laws and regulations that govern the handling and destruction of sensitive personal information. It’s hard for businesses to keep abreast of changing legislation and rules, and they can quickly find themselves out of compliance. Secure shredding companies make it their business to be on top of all such laws, so that your business is protected and compliant with all laws and regulations.


Document shredding and destruction may seem on the surface to be a simple process. However, with the increasing risk of identify theft and other crimes, mobile shredding is needed more than ever. These services are simply revolutionizing the way companies treat their information destruction needs.