How much does a 100% custom website cost?

This is the question that arises any person or company wanting to put a website online. To this simple question, unfortunately for you, as many answers as different prices, especially if you do not yet have a very precise idea of ​​the website you want to put online.


So, How much does a website with tailor-made design cost?


Before you can establish a business proposal or a quote, a web agency must analyze your need using your specifications; it will be a guide in the creation phase and the guarantor of a website that meets your expectations. I would recommend using a service like which web designer to get a custom quote for your web design cost


In knowing this, You should be clear with the following questions:


  • Who are you? Company, craftsman, SME, liberal profession, association … (until now it is easy)
  • What will be the objectives of your website? Site presentation of your activities, online sales, sharing information…
  • What will be targeted by your website? Professionals, communities, individuals…
  • What will be the content of your website? Images, photos, videos, text content…
  • What will be the functionality of your website? News management, forum, bilingual site, sharing via social networks, newsletter management…
  • What will be the domain name of your website? Choice, availability, with or without dash…
  • What will be the atmosphere of your website? Choice of dominant colors, visual universe, flat design , material design ? …


  • What will your SEO needs be  ? Adwords campaign , SEO optimization …
  • How often will you update your website? Annual, monthly, weekly, daily …


The answers to these basic questions are essential to obtain a serious quantified proposal. If no specification is formalized, flee because you go to the front of serious disappointments.


It is therefore from a specification defining the main characteristics of your website that a web agency can make you a commercial proposal, or at least be able to give you an estimate if the specifications are not completely formalized.


Going back to the cost of a website, from the simple page of presentation, to the e-commerce site via a showcase site, the time needed for creation and development will be very different from one project to another, its overall cost also.


To make a quick and easy analogy, if you are asked the question: “How much does a car cost?” You will answer “It depends …” or ” I paid mine …” assuming that you are a expert of price of the car market, you’ll need some basic information to announce a range of price.


Price range for a 100% exclusive website


What site? A web site with tailor-made design for a SME of about 20 to 50 pages.


Content of the service:


  • Assistance in drawing up the specifications if it is not formalized,
  • Finding the right keywords, defining the tree,
  • Mapping the home page on Photoshop,
  • Marquette of pages to present your products & services (from one or several models),
  • Development of a personalized contact form,
  • Website development with WordPress CMS ,
  • Managing one or more languages,
  • Setting up an SSL certificate ,
  • Integration of some extensions for the functionalities (management of redirections 301, protection antispam, management of a newsletter, …)
  • SEO site  optimization with SEO optimization ,
  • Customizing the Administration Console for adding content,
  • The registration of the website in specialized directories, …


The whole realized with a unique web design to the closest of your visual identity for you to differentiate, you can estimate or predict a budget of creation between £3500 and £7000


In this price range, your website will be tailor-made and scalable, you will be able to do both adding content, modify menus and add some features. You will also be able to estimate a visual overhaul after 3 years without having to go back on a complete creation of website.


If your budget does not allow you to finance a website with customized design, you can orientate yourself to a website based on a template customized to your visual identity.


To conclude, from the simple page of presentation to the e-commerce site, the cost of your website will depend on your request, you must compare the specifications and especially, beware of offers too tempting, they very often reserve Bad surprises.


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