Must-Know About Body Fat Analyzer

Body fat analyzer also called Body Fat Scale uses bioelectrical impedance (BIA). The BIA will gauge the total amount of mass, water and fat in your body. This works just like an old scale you probably still have in your bathroom. It’s just that instead of just your weight being measured in pounds, you also get to know your body fat percentage. But this will depend on what type of body fat analyzer you get. Some won’t measure your weight. Anyway, this is something we need to know especially if you’re like into losing weight programs where diet and exercise is a must. It would really feel great to know if your body fat has dropped without going to the gym or to your doctor’s office.

Curiosity killed cat but satisfaction get it back!

Anyway, I was a little curious how this body fat analyzer works, considering the fact that I have heard (and read) a lot of negative comments about this product. Actually, I just bought mine about 2 months ago. I bought it not to rely on it of course, but to see if it really works or not or maybe find out how INaccurate it can really be. I don’t know. I was just curious and since I am very conscious of how I look, I thought I better try this handheld body fat analyzer.


Okay so honestly, I kinda knew how it works so I didn’t read all the details on how to use it and all that stuff. But to just give you a little idea, it works by passing a very weak, unnoticeable, and harmless current though your body tissues. The first thing I did as soon as it arrived my door was try it. It’s funny but I got 22 fat percentage on my first try! After another try, about an hour later, from 22%, it went up to 25%. So I really thought there was something really weird about this stuff! Hmmm, I was ready to believe this body fat analyzer is a waste of time and money. The following day, after my daily squats and drinking 2 glasses of water, I tried using it again, and this time it went all the way up to 27%!!There must really be something wrong! I thought I’d read the manual and check the protocols. Found out I was doing it the wrong way which made me laugh at myself. I figured I was being a smart ass….lol!

How the heck this body fat analyzer works?

So, here’s what you gotta do to get the most accurate body fat percentage. Do it the same time every day. Do it before you go to the gym or before doing your workout at home. Do it without drinking water because all these stuff affect the body fat analyzer result! Unless you wanna to feel good about yourself by lying, then do your lifting and use it! That will help you get the result you want to see which is most probably lower than the actual percentage. But if you want to get an accurate result, just follow what I told you.

Nutrition is a vital component of your weight. Make sure you follow a healthy diet, a good workout routine with additional pullup or extra 10 minute jog a day and make sure you go get yourself a body fat analyzer to measure your improvement. This will motivate you enough to target that 7%! And if you’re thinking you’ll get 100% accurate result with a body fat scale, you’re expecting way too much.