Myths About Using Employment Agencies

There are a number of reasons why people in Austin and San Antonio enter the job market. Some are new grads, hungry to start their new lives and looking for something that excites them. Others may be career veterans who have been downsized or are perhaps looking for a new challenge. Generally though, there are many of these job-seekers who won’t consider seeking the help of employment agencies simply because of some misconceptions that are floating around about them. They don’t realize that job placement agencies help hire every type of position, from temporary seasonal staff to CEOs, and that using an agency is a great option if you’re looking for work. Here are some common myths about using employment agencies that might be getting in the way of you finding your dream job.


They Only Have “Temp” Jobs

One of the major misconceptions is that jobs through employment agencies are strictly temporary. This is simply not true. For starters, for many employers, they may use an agency to hire someone on temporarily at first, but with the plan that if the candidate does a good job, they will eventually get a permanent job offer. Plus, job placement agencies regularly hunt for talent that can fill full-time positions with their clients. Often, employers may not want to go through a full candidate search, so they hire through an agency. As mentioned, there are many CEOs who have been hired through job placement agencies.


The Jobs Are All Low Paying

Forget for a moment that we just mentioned CEOs being hired through employment agencies. It’s true that the jobs offered through agencies are often entry-level positions. However, the value in these positions is that they can offer experience and networking contacts. It’s up to the candidate to increase their own value or use their entry-level position to advance in the company or leverage that experience into a higher-paying gig elsewhere. New grads are most likely getting entry-level salaries anyway, but by using an agency, they will be exposed to much more opportunity. Besides, as previously highlighted, not all positions offered by job placement agencies are entry-level.


Temp Agencies Only Work With Clerical and Administrative Candidates

In the past, this may have been the case. Temp agencies dealt mainly with jobs that required little training or could be transferred easily from company to company. Now, however, agencies are looking for candidates in any number of fields for any number of employer profiles. There are specialty firms that only hire for certain sectors, or even for certain candidate-types, like executives. It is no longer possible to be over-qualified to work with an agency. They can place anyone with any level of experience or education.


The Jobs Are All For Very Short Periods of Time

The positions offered at job placement agencies can be as short as a single day or even a single morning or afternoon. However, nowadays there are so many more options when it comes to the length of assignments. Many companies use those short assignments as an extended “job interview” to see if a candidate has the ability to do the job. If the candidate is successful, then they may be brought on full-time. Many job seekers are only looking for temp positions, in which case an agency can help with the flexibility that comes with having short job assignments and no commitments.


Agencies can truly offer the best of all worlds and are certainly worth considering when on the hunt for your next employment opportunity.