Natural Pressure Cooker

A standard pressure oven includes a metal pot having a well-fitting lid and many other areas. Essentially, it locks steam inside to prepare food with steam pressure. When cooking is finished, the surplus steam should be released via a vent prior to the pot is opened up. The ultimate steam pressure forces the meals to prepare a great deal faster of computer might have otherwise – time saving. But that is where its only advantage ends because this is what the food undergoes:

What Goes On To Food Inside A Conventional Pressure Oven?

The ultimate pressure and temperature result in the food mushy and taste bland due to these reasons: The fragile nutrients are destroyed due to the harsh and heat in the metal pot. And also, since metals are innately reactive, metal ions in the pot leach and interact with nutrients contained in food. AND, water-soluble nutrients are lost as steam that’s fully released prior to the pot is opened up.

An All Natural Pressure Oven

Unlike the traditional, this excellent pressure oven consists of an exciting-natural material – 100% pure clay. It’s free of any metal or volatile organic compounds so that as clay is of course inert, it does not interact with food. Also it cooks food within the healthiest possible way:

Pure clay pressure oven includes a comparatively simpler design – it includes a pure clay pot and it is lid. Because the materials are 100% non-toxic, it does not contaminate food even at cooking heat.

The nutrients stay intact – because of food-friendly, gentler heat produced by the walls of pure clay pot, the food’s nutrients stay intact!

The prettiest feature is the actual way it handles steam:

Steam Management Property

When meals are cooking, steam increases in the pot and touches the lid, where it starts condensing around the inner top of the lid and returns to food by means of water tiny droplets. Because the lid stays cooler compared to pot during cooking, it is fantastic for the steam to naturally condense. This is comparable to how water vapors from ponds and reservoirs rise to the sky, condense and fall to earth by means of rain. And also the food cooks through this natural process rather of having to achieve this.

Water-soluble nutrients stay inside the food and nourish the body with each and every meal (the body can’t store water-soluble nutrients, which means you need them every single day). If this all-natural pressure oven cooks food via a natural process, you receive healthy, scrumptious and nutritious food each time. It’s much better than the traditional lock and seal. You need to change to this natural approach to cooking if you wish to eat truly healthy food choices!

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