In Need of Cracked Foundation Repair? 10 Tips for Hiring the Right Company

Foundation problems with your home are a huge problem. They represent some sort of failing in the very thing that holds your home up and provides its base. Cracked foundation repair can also be expensive and a hassle. If you suspect that your foundation might be failing in San Antonio, it’s crucial to find the right repair company to fix it. Using the right company could help avoid many issues, like foundation problems down the road, or even reducing the headache that you face while the repairs are ongoing. Here’s how you can choose the right company to handle your repair.


Get Educated

Even though you won’t be doing the work yourself, that doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself as to what the work involves. Read up, do some google searches, and be prepared when you meet with prospective contractors. Using this knowledge, you can then ask informed and insightful questions of the potential repair company. You’ll be able to get a sense of their knowledge and if they seem like they’re on the level. A reputable company will not be annoyed or evasive in their answers to you. This education will also help insulate you against the false promises of special deals and discounts that end up involving sub-par work. You’ll know that something that seems too good to be true most likely is.


Make Sure They’re Certified

Your foundation repair company should be qualified by applicable certification centers, such as the local Better Business Bureau, and also the Foundation Repair Association. They may also be members of other associations that advocate for ethical foundation repair practices. If you have a prospective contractor that isn’t certified by any type of official organization, then it’s best to avoid them altogether. If they aren’t meeting industry standards, then they certainly won’t meet yours.


Be Wary of Guarantees

If a foundation repair company guarantees something that they shouldn’t, then they probably aren’t reputable. For instance, they shouldn’t assure you that certain landscaping or bushes won’t get damaged while performing the cracked foundation repair, because there’s often no way of knowing that. Also, they may tell you up front that landscaping has to be removed to perform the work, but that it will survive the transplanting. Again, a reputable company would not make this guarantee, because they know they may not be able to keep it



Some guarantees, however, are perfectly acceptable, and completely desirable. Warranties for the work are extremely valuable, and it’s important to get them in writing before the work begins. There are many types of warranties however, so make sure to read all the terms closely, and to read the fine print. You don’t want to be left with subpar work that doesn’t fall under the warranty. Some companies will even offer a warranty trust, which means that even if the contractor were to go out of business, it will still be possible to honor the warranty if necessary.


Foundation problems don’t have to be a death knell for your sanity or for your budget. It’s important to make smart decisions to get cracked foundation repair done right. Not only can repair cost a lot, but while the work is happening your home and family could be turned upside down. Use some of these tips to hire the right foundation repair company to get your home back to normal with as little stress as possible.