Offering Help In Brazilian Immigration Cases

Brazilian American population is estimated at about 1.1 million of whom an estimated 300, 000 live within Miami. The legal needs of the Brazilian immigrants are diverse, prevalent and often leads to expensive legal and financial implications. Our team of paralegals have always been at the forefront of providing critical, cutting edge, and quality paralegal services that ensure the Brazilian immigrant community receive all the necessary immigration advice and paperwork that guarantees a safe stay.

The paralegal team of staffers from Paralegal.Team website offer the needed help in Brazilian immigration cases. Our paralegals are fluent and can functionally communicate and prepare briefs and documentation in Portuguese. The team is well versed with the specific immigration issues facing Brazilian community. We have built years of experience preparing briefs, archiving documents, advising clients, researching on the administrative as well as the judicial issues facing the clients. Our team are not only well, trained they are also certified by the requisite certification boards in Miami.

Most often we conduct the archiving, research, documentation, interviewing of clients and general judicial work at a cost of what most attorneys charge. We competitively price our services while being cognizant of the financial changes facing immigrants as they try to settle in the United States. Once we’ve established your legal or judicial needs we are able to itemize your needs based on the scope of work and then competitively bill you. We make provision of the fact that lots of immigration issues tend to be short to medium term and hence well have a long term relationship with the client.

We cover the widest range of judicial and administrative issue imaginable. The scope of challenges facing Brazilian immigrants range from employment, housing, access to services, prejudice and racism. The ability to access the most up to date, functional and insightful immigration advice ensures that you are protected from incurring unnecessary financial and judicial issues that may come up during the course of your day to day life as an immigrant.

Not only do we fluently speak Portuguese, our team is made up of paralegals who understand the cultural, political and legal issues surrounding Brazilian immigration. This ensures that we are able to adapt the paralegal practise to the emerging judicial and administrative issues facing the immigrant community. We also provide the legal screening of documents, archiving and preparation of documents needed in some of the transactions that immigrants engage in during the course of their stay.