Online Reputation Management Tips to Start Implementing Today

It is never a bad time to work on improving your San Antonio business’s online reputation. Too many companies have negative reviews showing up in search results, which will absolutely turn away customers. In most cases, this could have been easily prevented by some proactive online reputation management. Here are some tips to keep the search results about your business positive.


Be Active on Twitter

Many businesses that have online reputation problems do not have a twitter account or have not developed them properly. If you post often and post good content, then your twitter posts will start showing up on page 1 of Google search results. This will push any negative information further down. Having an active social media presence is just good internet marketing, as well.


Be Active on Facebook

Speaking of social media, you should also be constantly working to develop your Facebook page. A Facebook page will often be the top-ranking search result for many small companies. It should have a lot of information, such as your location and contact details. Make sure to post updates regularly.


Be Transparent

In the information age, it is vital to make it easy for people to see who is behind your business. Your website should have at least one page that has details on your team, or at least the higher-ranking staff members. This will increase trust in your business. Online reputation management is a lot easier if consumers can put real people behind a company. There is a growing belief that having a good quality “About Us” page is one of the Google algorithm’s ranking factors.


Integrate a Press Kit for Your Company

Put together an optimized press kit and put it on your website. All the photos, videos, and content should be optimized. Putting out a press kit helps with online reputation management because if anyone writes an article or puts out any information about your company, they may use that press kit information. This will be the information you want going out.


Optimize Your Directory Listings

There are still some businesses that do not even consider their Google Maps and online directory presence when planning their internet marketing strategy. It is always good to add detail to anything about your business that is online. That includes your directory and map listings, which allows photos and information that can be optimized to increase your search results visibility.


Ask for Reviews

There comes a time in the life of every business when they have a disgruntled customer. This customer may leave bad reviews on rating sites and social media. One way to minimize this negative attention is to increase the positive attention. Ask your customers for reviews, especially if you feel they have had an enjoyable experience. These positive ones will help drown out the negative. When it comes to online marketing, it is a simple thing to do that will also draw customers when they see your glowing reviews.


Start a YouTube Channel

Videos are a powerful tool. Starting and developing a YouTube channel can provide your company with a big online boost. Plan to post one video every month, and make sure that each video is optimized. YouTube is essentially a large search engine, so make sure you have an active presence, so consumers can find you. Also, make sure that your content is good, so consumers will want to interact with it.


These tips will help you develop your online identity and brand recognition. Online marketing is about more than flashy graphics and banner ads.