Optimal US Logistics, LLC Review – Exceptional Logistics Services

I decided to launch a new business where I could earn without making much investment, so one of my friends recommend me about Optimal US Logistics.

You can call Optimal US Logistics, LLC (www.optimaluslogistics.com) to be a retail service but it works in a very different rather efficient way, it works as a broker between bulk-buyers and retailers for all stores in the USA.

It is a US based company but got customers from around the world as you can see, me living in Philippine, getting imported-goods for my store all the way from the US on effective rates.

Moreover, I found this service quite reliable because it works with only those retail-stores which are prone to offer lifelong products.

What I like the most about LLC is that there are many stores in the USA which do not offer services in Philippine, but Optimal US Logistics, LLC made it for me and allowed me to get whatever I want, on optimal rates with reliable services.

Moreover, I another discount which I attained by hiring LLC is the expurgated shipping rates. Right now they are in partnership with biggest shipping companies of the world such as USPS, DHL, FedEx, and UPS. So, what they do for cost-effective rates is that they combined all my products from different stores and sent them to me in single shipping.

You know, being a businessperson, I am very conscious about the rates I am going to pay, prices I will be bearing, services I am going to get while hiring any company either is it is based online or at a physical location.

I don’t just go with their promises and rebuttals, in fact, I try to figure out; how they are going to provide me what they are claiming.

Hence, I decided to figure out how LLC works. Here I found that Optimal US Logistics, LLC works on some simple and plain rules;

  • They offer you with numbers and email addresses of the retail stores in the USA.
  • After that, when you decide for the products; they purchase them for you at lesser rates.
  • They start making a bulk of your purchased products.
  • Sends you your products on lesser rates via their partner delivery companies.

In this way, what I got was;

  • Eligibility to shop from all US-based retail stores either they worked in the US or not;
  • Lower prices as I will be purchasing in bulks;
  • Reliable Delivery services;
  • 60% cut shipping cost;

All with this they also offered me;

  • 24/7 customer care staff ready to offer dynamic solutions to your queries,
  • Online tracking system at optimaluslogistics.com by using which I got able to figure out where my dispatching parcel has reached and how much time it will take more to reach me up.
  • Smooth custom clearance without needing to revolve around custom officers
  • Available in all over the USA
  • You can purchase for any store either they deliver in your country not because LLC does the delivery for us.

I and my business are loving to work with Optimal US Logistics as I am earning better profits then every.