Forms of Green Energy

Eco-friendly Energy, this is actually the common term that we’re hearing nowadays because there are many awareness programs which are focusing on eco-friendly energy. The primary aim of these programs would be to make us conscious of eco-friendly energy and new ways to lessen the reliance on non-renewable fuels.… Read More

Tempro is the UK’s leading supplier of Temporary Floor & Surface Protection Materials

Our products protect floors and surfaces when any type of building or construction work is taking place, we will save you huge amounts of time in preparation and cleaning up, while protecting all surfaces from damage caused by dropped tools and equipment, spilt paint and chemicals etc all incedents which happen daily on job sites around the world

We are proud suppliers of the Correx brand of Corrugated Plastic (corex) which offers superb impact protection and is completely spill proof even resistant to chemical spills

Supplied in both standard and Flame Retardant to LPS 1207 LPCB Regulations

We can print

We will beat any UK price!… Read More

Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Humans get one factor in keeping: all of them get some things wrong. Exactly the same pertains to photographers too. While a number of them are naturally gifted, others need to strive to become great only at that art. If you’re a new comer to this art, you might mess some misconception a couple of occasions.… Read More

Cannabis Oil a Cancer Treatment

Marijuana has become a poor status within the decades like a dangerous drug that everybody needs to steer clear of. But recently, the idea of the medicinal advantages of cannabis has turned into a hot subject. There’s talk of methods the marijuana plant and also the oil from the seeds can help in a number of ailments, for example joint disease, glaucoma and Parkinson’s disease.… Read More

Temporary Floor Protection

Your floors need special protection when undergoing remodeling, during new construction, moving heavy furniture or equipment, as well as for other occasions beyond day-to-day use. Protecting flooring is sensible and saves money. A spill of paint, the drop of the hammer, a scratch from heavy furniture may cost 1000s of dollars in substitute and repairs.… Read More

Best Venues for Outdoor Weddings

There are lots of perfect outside wedding venues from coast to coast. We’ve narrowed it lower towards the 15 of the greatest spots to have an outside wedding in the united states.

1. Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is the best go-to place to go for wedding locations due to its stunning beaches and incredibly hospitable people.… Read More