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Buying and selling of itunes gift cards and other gift cards have become a talk of the town in recent time. As people (including business men) now make good profit from brokering gift cards online. In the real sense, some companies (who have access to gift cards sources) have partnered with firms who need the gift cards for whatever purpose and understand that it is quite better to buy gift cards from them. There, people who have itunes gift card, amazon gift cards e.t.c but don’t need it for personal use can rather exchange the gift card for cash or bitcoin.


In this view, a platform called just sprung up to give this business a new look.


What Is

Paxtradings is the No. 1 platform to sell gift cards. They buy different types of gift cards, ranging from iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Steam Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards. E.T.C They also buy Physical Cards, E-codes, Single Big Denomination Cards. They pay in Naira, Bitcoins and Ethereum.


On this platform, service quality is guaranteed without compromising payment speed.


You get paid for your gift cards within few minutes.


Why Trust


Doubt not, Paxtradings is the most reliable platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria, Ghana and India.


They strive to give the best rates in the industry and pay at the fastest speed.


Apart from these two great attributes that make them the best site to sell itunes gift card online, they are as well honest.


Paxtradings understands that honesty is the key of the gift cards business and will not hold on to your money or cheat you in any way.


Their dealings are fair and square, as they believe there’s no legacy that’s as rich as honesty.


Is Paxtradings Scam? No! – Okay! You Want Escrow, Have It!


Paxtradings gives an avenue for those who are bent on being doubting thomases. In case you need escrow to sell gift cards on Paxtradings, it’s allowed, we offer PAXFUL dealings and also open to other escrow services and groups.


However, terms and conditions are applied in this case.


You can reach them for more information.


How To Sell Amazon & iTunes Gift Card On Paxtradings


There are two options to sell gift cards on Paxtradings. You can trade on their website or contact them on whatsapp. To trade on their website is quite simple, just create an account, upload gift card and await feedback within 5 minutes.


However, if you need a more communicative trade, you can contact them on whatsapp.



How Much Can I Sell iTunes Gift Card on Paxtradings?


Paxtradings has a rate calculator on their platform that displays current rates at which you can exchange gift cards. Be it itunes, amazon, steam wallet, walmart, google play, target, nordstrom e.t.c


Paxtradings Is Trusted And Safe! Beware Of Other Gift Card Scams!


There has been a lot of reports as regards gift card scams lately. The scam is now making waves on the internet causing unexpected financial damage to the unsuspecting preys.


Mind who you sell your gift cards to.


Trade on Paxtradings if you want extreme safety of your funds.


On Paxtradings, selling iTunes and other gift cards will never be problematic even in the beginning, and after you have it beneath control, it becomes more than a rewarding industry.


Most websites where you can sell gift cards are simply either scams, too slow or with bad rates, Paxtradings is effortless to use. In addition, they offer good rates and support for customers with serious intentions.


However, should you decide upon the associate you need to offer your cards to, you have to be very careful: make sure it’s a dependable enterprise with an excellent fame.


It is highly recommended to learn client stories before working with an enterprise to sell your iTunes gift cards.


Lastly, When you have iTunes cards or other cards, I’m sure you want fast cash, don’t you? Visit today and get it sold in few minutes.


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