Perfect Hood Vent for an Existing Stove

Whether or not the copper hood vent does not vent towards the outdoors, the optimal setup, it’ll still really make a difference just by drawing away and dissipated the unhealthy are that develops from a stove that’s being cooked on. This really is great news for a lot of as it is not necessarily easy to vent to the outside of the house.

Before buying a specific copper hood vent, you need to consider several things.

Obtaining the Correct Size

Before you run towards the store or selecting a supplier for any copper hood vent, you need to appraise the cooktop. The hood should cover the width from the burner area, and become mounted close to the to cover the trunk burners too. Surprisingly, there are lots of ill-installed copper hood vents.

So far as height, the blower intake ought to be over 2 ft over the cooktop. When the stove is gas-powered the other should figure the heating capacity in BTU to get a hood that provides the correct quantity of ventilation to become helpful and not simply decorative.

Browse the Features

The primary features on the copper hood vent would be the fan speed and also the lighting levels if there’s lighting featured around the hood. Should there be lighting, consider whether Brought or halogen will improve. For many it does not matter, for other people they’d prefer it match existing lighting in the kitchen area. An excellent feature on some vents is the opportunity to get it switch on when needed and turn off by itself. Obviously, it will likely be greater priced the greater features it provides.


The blowers on copper hood vents rate by cubic ft from the air they could effectively clean inside a minute’s time. This really is known as CFM. The greater the rating, the greater air flow it may handle. Because the old adage states, bigger is much better. Prices will increase but it’ll be worth the investment. Electric prepare tops may have a range hood rated in CFM, but gas cooktops ought to be rated by BTU from the range, after which CFM from the hood. Obviously, a great resource is really a sales rep or even the manufacturer/builder from the choice copper hood vent.


Noise is yet another essential aspect when selecting a copper hood vent. A really loud vent could be annoying, leading the dog owner not to utilize it as frequently. This defeats the entire reason for getting one! Although it may look good, what is the point whether it does not succeed. The greater the sones a hood vent has, the louder it will likely be. 1 sone is one of the seem a fridge makes, to provide a concept. Greater priced models carry less sones, and motors which are better built overall, it is because they will use the most recent technologies.


Grease accumulating isn’t a great sign. It might be time to adjust the filter around the copper hood vent. Nobody wants to invest time scrubbing walls and appliances. This really is more prevalent with air that recirculates instead of individuals that vent to outdoors. Still, search for types which have carbon filters that are really simple to replace.

While a recirculation kind of copper hood vent cost less to set up, individuals savings might not be worthwhile over time. Considering the quantity of ventilation needed is essential. In either case, the copper addition brings an elegance unlike every other to some kitchen.

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