Is there a Place for Employment Agencies in a New Graduate’s Job Search?

Finding a job can be an overwhelming task for anyone.  It may not have felt like it at the time, but now you’re starting to think that all those years of late night studying, project deadlines, and logged class hours was the easy part. You chose your program and you did the mandatory work. But now what? What kind of job would you be good at? Is it a difficult industry to break into? What if all your friends get good jobs and you don’t? What if you can’t find a job at all? Or maybe you should have worked harder, gone to a different school, or taken a different major. These are the types of questions and thoughts that go through a typical graduate’s mind. So, you should feel comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Many San Antonio and Austin graduates feel the same. Take a deep breath. Everything will be okay. The first step is getting started. This is where employment agencies can come in handy to a new graduate. They are a great resource for a job seeker, especially one who’s not sure how to navigate the job search world.


Make a Connection

The first thing you’ll want to do is make an appointment with a reputable employment agency.  Your first thought may be that employment agencies are for people who have experience. This is simply not the case. In fact, temp agencies in Austin may very well be the perfect solution for the new graduate.


Gain Experience With Minimum Risk

Temp agencies are the perfect way for you to gain work experience without having to commit long term to a specific career choice. It’s also ideal for the employer, because they don’t have to take a gamble on a new graduate. However if the employer likes the work that you’re doing and if you enjoy the work, there may be an opportunity for the contract to be extended, or it may even turn in to a long term opportunity. If it’s not the right fit for either party, then no big deal either. The commitment is short enough that you can see it through without too much dread.


Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Doing a series of jobs with temp agencies in Austin can also be an asset in that you’ll get to work for a variety of different businesses, which may be willing to act as a reference for you if you do a good job. And a good reference could be worth its weight in gold when your dream job comes up.


Test the Waters

Another huge perk is that you’ll get an opportunity to sample different workplaces and settings and get a feel for what you like most and where you thrive. Not to mention that you’ll be learning a lot of new skills that will look great on your resume and make you more valuable to future employers.


The bottom line is that employment agencies are a great tool for finding work upon graduation. Choosing a career is hard enough, so why not let the experts help you navigate the waters. You may very well end up skipping the common mistakes that most graduates make and get on a path to your dream career that much faster.