Provide A Solution To High Jail Call Charges

GlobalTel’s has the most cost-effective inmate calling services which are structured to take into account the inmates calling habits, their spending power, frequency and distances. GlobalTel has created a cheap jail calling service payable on a month to month with no initial contract. The process for signing up, and maintaining your account as well as accessing the calling cards in the market is simple and straightforward. GlobalTel has also invested in advance calling service tech tools that minimize dropped calls.

GlobalTel offers you a $45.99 for 90 Days calling offer for your inmate calls. Through this service you won’t have to pay premium jail calling rates. You also get unlimited minutes for your calling plan and the charges are local if you register your account as a local line rather than long distance or international calls. Topping up your line is easy as the calling cards are readily available on the market. Simply sign up on the website and your line is immediately activated.

GlobalTel account plan has no signup fees and you can cancel the account anytime with no penalties on your part. The service provider has also ensured that you will not have to sign a contract before using the service. The firm has always taken into account the emerging needs of the inmates and their families as far as jail calling is concerned. Through the account you can also change the destination number at no cost.

GlobalTel plan provides you with a special jail phone number which are billed separately from the standard GlobalTel services such as GTL, Global Tel Link, Securus, Offender, VConnect, Connect, and Paytel. At just $9.99per month GlobalTel provides discounted international inmate calling service for Federal Bureau of Prison inmates. Besides these you can research the other calling packages offered by GlobaTel ad pick the one that best suits your inmate calling needs.

Advance Tech Tool. GlobalTel has invested the most advanced tech tools needed to provide you wilth high quality voice service. You can also access the services through their aps and the website. The customer service is top notch and available 24/7 throughout the year. GlobalTel continues to adopt latest calling services and tech tools that continue to lower the overall call charges. They have expanded their platforms for client service and they can be reached through calls, webchat, email or text. You can access your entire call logs online as well as review your call history through the app platform.