Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with These Tips From a Document Shredding Company

It seems that there is a growing movement around the country and around the world to be gentler on our planet. That means doing many things that save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. A document shredding company can help with this effort, since they help recycle materials that would otherwise head to a landfill. Here are some other ways you can help be a little greener on a day-to-day basis.


Two Feet and a Heart Beat

It’s never a bad idea to reconsider using the car for every errand you have to do or car trip you have to take. Not only is walking or biking better for the environment, but it’s better for your health and for your pocketbook as well. You can save a lot on gas costs just by strolling or biking to work or to your closest grocery store. Your heart and the earth will thank you.


Go Veg

You don’t have to do it for every meal, but even choosing one day a week to go meatless can put a dent in your footprint. Meat production is a big producer of greenhouse gas emissions, so even a small change to your diet can make an impact. Produce takes much less land to produce, and that land is reinvigorated every year, so it’s a more environmentally friendly choice.


Go Local

Buying products from local businesses not only helps the environment, but it can help your local economy as well. When it comes to groceries, buying local means buying products that don’t have to travel long distances. That means there is less of an impact from fuel and emissions from transporting these goods over long distances. Local farmers markets are great places to find local produce and other wares from businesses in your area.


Document Shredding and Recycling

Keeping all the paper generated at your office or even your home can add up. Using a document shredding company will make handling your paper waste easier, and also help the environment by shredding your paper down to the tiniest size possible for recycling. On site document shredding will make your life easier, and help you be greener all at the same time. You can also set up a recycling plan at home and at the office to divert waste from going to the landfill.


Ration Your Water

Well you don’t necessarily have to ration it, but you should conserve water as much as possible. You could set up an irrigation system for your garden to make sure it’s getting the right amount of hydration but not too much. You can use low-flow showerheads and other fixtures as well. These will help conserve water, but also help keep your water bills down. You should especially not water your garden or use water unnecessarily if you are under a water ban.



The harder your air conditioner has to work, the more energy it consumes. Thoroughly insulating your home will help your HVAC system work more efficiently, and save you money on energy costs. Go around your house and use caulking, weather stripping, and other materials to make sure all holes are plugged.


By the very nature of the business, a document shredding company has a vested interest in the reduction of carbon footprints. It’s up to you to do your part. If you’re a business owner on site document shredding is a great first step.


Try some or all of these tips to be a little greener today.