Short overview on selling gold jewellery

Golds popularity has never been stronger, worldwide it is a symbol of love and wealth that has endured from antiques right through to the contemporary age, it seems that as time goes on, the interest in wearing gold jewellery is never ceasing.

These attributes also assist gold to retain its value, and gold often provides a significant return on investment if the jewellery is older, every 10 to 15 years gold often doubles in value, offsetting the initial purchase price, this means you can gain a good profit when you decide to sell gold jewellery.

In order to find out the value of your jewellery, there are a number of online sources, the most popular of which is, where you can tell the value of your gold jewellery if you know the weight and karat purity of your item. This will help you when going to sell, to ensure you receive the correct and best price so you don’t get ripped off, there are many companies out there who will offer a very low rate to unsuspecting sellers.

When selling jewellery however, you will often only receive the value of your item in gold value alone, extras such as craftsmanship, jewels contained within or even diamonds often are not paid for at gold buyers, so you should look to remove these before trying to sell.

Before you sell your gold, there are some things you need to consider:

  • About the Buyer – Take time to shop around and consider spending a full day visiting various shops, city centres often have a wide variety of gold buyers, whom you can search online and find the locations of, by visiting the most amount of companies for quotes, rather than choosing the very first, you can be sure you receive the best price when selling.
  • Policies & Rights – Do not be trusting no matter how friendly the gold buyer company is to you, always know the true value of your gold and if you are offered less than 90% of that value, walk out. You will always be offered at least 90% of the total gold value by reputable companies, and hence do not need to waste time with anyone offering less than this.

These are the most basic traits which must be known when you attempt to sell gold jewellery, selling in smaller towns or suburbs outside of the city centre often don’t get you a good price either, plan to visit your capital city when selling your gold to ensure you deal with the most competitive companies and obtain the best price when you sell gold jewellery.

In regards to payment, the majority of gold dealers will pay cash on the spot, provide a cash cheque or make a bank deposit to you, or a mixture of these.