Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Use a Job Placement Agency

One the surface, it seems like a bad idea to pay extra on top of a salary just to have someone find you qualified candidates for a job opening that you might have. Isn’t finding candidates something you can do on your own? What if the job placement agency you use doesn’t provide good service, or provides you with substandard options? It may be difficult to think that an outside party can help you with your office staffing needs, but the fact is they can. There is no reason to be afraid to use one, as long as you choose the right one. A hiring manager shouldn’t treat a job placement agency as something to be tolerated. A good agency works as a partner to make sure that the employer’s needs are met. Here’s how a temporary staffing agency can be worth it for you.


They Have Talent That You Can Use

There are agencies that specialize in certain industries and sectors, and some that are more broad-based. The best thing to do is work with a job placement agency that has the type of candidates you need. A temporary staffing agency will have lots of candidates looking for temporary work that could meet your needs. You should be able to closely communicate with the recruiters at the agency to determine your specific goals and needs and how best to meet them.


Find A Local Agency

If you run your business in San Antonio, then you’ll want to use a temporary staffing agency in San Antonio. A local agency will understand the local market, and be able to provide advice and support that’s specific to your location. If they’re local, then that means they’ll have met and spoken with candidates in person, as opposed to over the phone or internet. It also means they’ll have a good knowledge of their candidates and the skills they offer.


Market Expertise

Along with being local, an agency can help with providing market knowledge that can help you in your office staffing needs. They should know what kind of salaries are being commanded by candidates for your types of positions, and what types of workplaces candidates are currently on the lookout for. They can also give you advice on attracting the best talent possible within your market.


Watch Out For Buzzwords

You may sometimes come across a placement agency that seems like they’re just trying to sell you something. They’re focus is on securing you as a client, and not on finding the right candidates. They use buzzwords as opposed to speaking knowledgeably about the sector in which you work and the business of recruiting candidates. For instance, if you need a specific skill, and tell your recruiter about it, they should be able to recognize that skill on a resume even if it’s under a different term.


They Are Invested in Their Candidates

If an agency truly cares about their candidates and are invested in their success, then it’s all the better for you, the employer. They won’t send over unqualified candidates, because they wouldn’t want to set them up for failure. This means they won’t overwhelm you with candidates and leave it to you to wade through the good ones.


Looking for outside help to meet your office staffing needs doesn’t need to be a frightening proposition. Work with the right agency to make sure that you end up with the best candidates to join your team and ensure the success of your business.