Skip the Facelift and Try a Vampire Facial Instead

It is a constant battle to fight the effects of aging and hold back father time. Luckily there are new innovations every year that help us look and feel our best and youngest. The latest may have a bit of a scary name, but it’s a technique that has been promoted by celebrities and beauty experts around the world, and it could work for people here in San Antonio. The vampire facial may sound frightening, but it is the new weapon in the battle against aging. But what does it involve, other than having a catchy name? Well here is your guide to the vampire facial.


There will be blood

It should be noted, that while a vampire facial is minimally invasive, it can look a little bloody, as you may have seen from some photos of celebrities on the web. This is normal, and there isn’t as much blood as it may look. Vampire facials involve making small abrasions on the skin by micro-needling, so some blood is to be expected. The idea is that by creating small wounds, the skin is encouraged to heal itself, which brings collagen and elastin to the surface. These are what give skin its elasticity and glow, which also tends to be produced less as we age. Here’s how the rest of the process works.


Comfortably Numb

First off, since the process involves micro-needling, a topical cream is applied to your entire face. This cream can take up to half an hour to take effect, and it feels a little strange once your face is fully numbed. The good thing is, the rest of the procedure should only feel like there is some slight pressure and perhaps a bit of pinching at times.


Drawing Blood

Where the vampire facial gets its name is not through the healing process. Vampires are known to use blood to keep themselves looking youthful and immortal. In this case, clients are helped by their own blood. The technician will draw blood from your arm and separate the plasma. Then they will place that plasma on the needles to help the natural healing process. In a sense, they are skipping the middle man (the circulatory system) and bringing it right to the affected spot. This can leave your face looking like it’s covered in blood, when in reality it’s more that a tiny bit of blood is smeared around.


The Healing Process

Once the procedure is finished, your face will look almost like it’s sunburned. It will be red, and there may be some bruising under your eyes. This should last a couple of days as your skin heals. You should not wear sunscreen or makeup for about 24 hours after the process is completed. You may experience some drying and peeling, but you will be provided with a serum to apply to help mitigate those inconveniences. After about 3 days, your skin will be looking healthier and more vibrant than it did before!


Micro-needling is a very popular procedure these days, and the vampire facial process with platelet rich plasma takes it even further to maximize the healing benefits. The reason these procedures are so trendy is that while they may involve some slight discomfort, there’s no doubt that they are very effective weapons in the battle against aging.