Steel Detailing Services

MCS Structural Steel Detailing provides fully automated steel detailing shop drawings to steel fabricators across North America. MCS Steel Detailing provides fabricators with fully automated steel detailing shop drawings using the latest 3-D software and ensures quality products are produced efficiently and in a timely manner.

At MCS Steel Detailing, we value both new and existing clients and handle each job with respect, accuracy, and attention to detail. We establish a strong relationship with our fabricators, and work hard to ensure they emerge profitable and impressed.

We deliver a quality product based on a strong understanding of the pressures fabricators face, be it contract schedules or schedules to fill a void in the shop. Meeting schedules and producing quality drawings ensures there will be no additional charges from the fabricator’s customer or erector.

MCS streamlines the fabricator’s shop by supplying all CNC, DXF, Fabtrol file needs or by creating the shop standards if they are non-existent (ie. standardizing clip angle and shear plate marks).