What is STEM Education and Why Is It So Important?

Learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) may send shivers of fright down the spines of many students, but the fact is that a STEM education encompasses the most exciting and relevant disciplines of our times. Science and technology play an ever increasing role in our lives and students in San Antonio need educated in these subjects to not only compete, but to excel after graduation. Public charter schools are leading the way in providing comprehensive and engaging STEM programs to students from every economic and cultural background imaginable, which levels the playing field and gets students excited about the possibilities. Here are some reasons why STEM education is so vital.


Stay Up To Date

Technology is ever evolving, and seems to be doing so at a faster pace than ever. Education in STEM subjects helps students stay abreast of the newest innovations, and helps them navigate changes with more confidence. Plus, STEM students are more able to turn their own innovative ideas into reality. If they have an idea for a new app or a device, they will have the skills and knowledge to create them.



There’s no doubt that an arts education can help foster creativity and expression. You may be surprised to learn, however that a STEM education can promote creativity as well. Much of science and technology is based on designing things that work. This involves drawing, and using space and trying to make things as efficient as possible. The smartphone you’re probably using to read this is only working as well as it is because someone found a creative way to fit all the components together in the smallest possible space.


It Increases Your Chances of Getting a Job, Even In Fields You’d Never Expect

Because science and technology touch our lives in so many ways, there is no end to the opportunities available to a student who has a strong STEM background. Traditional science and technology jobs are one of the fastest growing job markets in North America. However, STEM can help get work in other industries, like fashion and beauty, for instance. Cosmetic companies are constantly developing new products, all of which must be developed and tested. With so many people wearing tech these days, there’s also a need to look good at the same time, so the fashion industry needs people who can design tech that’s fashionable.


It is a Great Equalizer

Proficiency in STEM subjects can provide a number of opportunities after high school that may not have been available in the past. Success in science and technology is based on merit, and not necessarily on connections, so people from all walks of life can excel when given the right educational background. Public charter schools can offer a solid STEM education to anyone who wants it without paying hefty private school fees.


Confidence Boosting

STEM subjects involve a lot of collaboration and problem-solving. The confidence boost that comes from solving a complex issue, and working with a team to build something great is immeasurable. Children who may not find a place for themselves in public school can find like-minded friends and feel a sense of accomplishment at jobs well done.


Science, technology, engineering, and math have completely saturated our lives, whether we realize it or not. A solid education in these subjects will give students the chance to grow and prosper in our changing and evolving technological world.