Temporary Placement Agencies – More than Just Recruiters

It’s well known what temporary placement agencies in San Antonio do. They find candidates for employers, and find employers for candidates, right? Well, yes, on the surface, that is their primary function. However, believe it or not, there is much more that a staffing agency can do that many people don’t realize. They’re not just about finding you a temporary staffing position. Staffing agencies are invested in helping you develop as a well-rounded job candidate, so that you can succeed in the working world, even if you stop taking advantage of their services. Here are some things that staffing agencies do that you might not have known about.


Resume Writing

Your first point of contact, and the first chance an employer has to make a judgment on you, is often the resume. Too many people take their resume for granted, however. They’ll choose a template from their word processor and fill in the blanks as best they can, and hope everything goes their way. Unfortunately, when there are sometimes thousands of competitors, your resume needs to stand out from the rest, otherwise they’ll be put in the ‘no’ pile right away. Temporary staffing agencies understand this, and can help. An agency is staffed by professionals who know how to make a resume catch the eyes of hiring managers. They can guide you in every aspect, from the layout to the minute details that perhaps you haven’t considered. They can also proofread your resume and catch any typos or grammar issues that you may have missed. Resume writing is a skill you can keep for life, so it’s not just about getting that temporary staffing position you need for the time being.



No, they won’t make sure your suit fits just right for a big job interview. What they can do, however, is tailor your resume and your potential interview answers for the job that you are seeking. Every job requires a different skill or set of experiences, and if your resume or your answers in interviews are the same for every job, you probably won’t be successful very often. Temporary placement agencies know which skills should be highlighted for specific jobs, and how you can highlight them on your resume or in your prepared interview answers. They can also save you some heartbreak by recognizing if you don’t possess a certain skill set needed for a job, and will advise that the position just might not be for you. More than that, they can also prepare you for the next time a similar opportunity comes up by recommending or providing training or upgrading to make your candidacy stronger.


Interview Skills

If the resume is the chance to make a first impression, then the interview is where you seal the deal and get that job, whether it be a temporary staffing position or a permanent one. There is so much that goes into a good job interview. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it, and how you handle yourself while answering the questions. A staffing agency will not just talk to you about what skills and experience you want to highlight. They will also provide you with some much needed practice, so you can get a feel for what the interview will be like before you are thrown to the wolves of the hiring board. The more knowledge and experience you can get, the more likely you will be able to nail that interview.


As you can see, a temp agency is about so much more than recruiting. They can provide you with skills for life.