How A Temporary Staffing Agency Really Works

Are you looking for work, or simply looking at a career change? It could be that the usual job boards and postings that you have checked in the past just aren’t holding the type of opportunities that you’re looking for. A temporary staffing agency might be a great option for you, but you might be hesitant because you’re not quite sure what they do and how they work. Luckily for you, here’s a guide to temp agencies that will help you understand what they can do to help in your job search.



First off, you should know what benefits a temp agency can provide to you. One of the biggest benefits is that they can get you work within a short period of time. That means you don’t have to be left without work for too long. Also, these temporary positions are a great way to get a foot in the door or to learn new job skills as well. Temporary staffing agencies can also help you gain much-needed certifications and provide you with job search skills like networking, interviewing, and resume-building.


What To Expect

When you apply to a temporary staffing agency, you will be interviewed and screened so the agency can get a good sense of your experience and skills They will then match you to employers who are looking for similar qualifications. Many agencies will also have contracts with employers who are looking to fill permanent positions, so if that is something you are looking for as well, there’s a possibility of being matched.



Working temporary jobs means that you have some control over your schedule. You can accept or decline jobs based on your needs without penalty. When you are interviewed, you can provide the agency with the hours that you’d like to work, and they will try to find jobs within those hours. It can be a bit topsy turvy, since you may be getting calls last minute for overnight shifts or weekend work, but it will be up to you whether you work that schedule.



Of course, the whole point of working is to get paid. As a client of a temporary staffing agency, you will be paid by the agency. The agency will get paid by the company for your services, and take a certain percentage off the top. So if the worker gets paid $20 an hour, then the employer might be paying $30, with the agency taking the extra $10.


What Do Employers Get Out Of It?

There are several benefits to employers when they use a temp agency. For one, they don’t have the burden of performing a candidate search themselves. They also can get someone hired quickly, sometimes within a day, to fill gaps fast and avoid lost production. They also don’t have to worry about paying benefits or other extra calculations, as those are all the responsibility of the temp agency.


Getting Hired Full-Time

If you are a good fit with one of your placements, they may want to hire you on permanently. If that’s the case, then the employer will have to pay a fee to the agency, often as much as 25%. This is a hefty amount, but it means that the company feels you are vital to their success. If they choose not to pay that sum, then they can keep you on as a temp for a long period of time if you are willing.


Now that you know all about temp agencies, you can get them to work for you.