Things to Consider in Choosing Diamond Engagement Rings

So, you’ve found your perfect match and would really love to get her something she’ll truly treasure. And what could be better than a diamond engagement ring? But there are things to consider when buying diamond engagement rings. Aside from the cost which is of course a very important factor when choosing the right ring for her, you must first remember that the engagement ring is meant to show your decent desire—marrying her. So, with this in mind, you have to focus on “her”.

How to choose the right diamond ring for her

It feels good to finally find the girl of your dreams. This time it’s all about keeping her.  And one perfect way to do that is through a marriage proposal with the best looking, sparkling diamond engagement ring available but the only problem is, how to choose the right diamond ring for her? How do you know it will suit her taste?

Diamond Engagement Rings

Know the 4C’s diamond quality

It would be best to know something about diamonds. Before going to a mall or a jewelry store or ordering online, you must first understand the 4C’s of diamond quality—color, clarity, cut and carat weight—because each factor influences the value of diamond engagement rings. These 4C’s also adds to its entire appearance.

  • Cut- The cut of a diamond affect its brilliance. In fact, it’s the most significant factor because it has the greatest influence. Color, clarity and carat weight will not create the sparkle your woman desires if you neglect to consider this. So when choosing among diamond engagement rings, opt for the highest cut grade that’s within your budget.
  • Color- Every diamond is unique but if you are not overly concern with budget, colorless diamond engagement rings are valued the most.
  • Clarity -The internal characteristics of a diamond is known as inclusions. Diamonds that are found with no inclusions or blemishes are very rare.
  • Carat weight- When it comes to carat weight, the more carat weight, the more expensive it becomes. The size of the diamond doesn’t have to do with its carat weight so, don’t be choosing the biggest diamond thinking it’s more valuable.

What’s her taste

There are a lot of women who like the heart-shaped, oval or pear and princess cut, so check what shape she is usually wearing by the rings she wear.  Usually, you can determine if she’s the kind of woman who’ll love these diamond shapes by knowing her dress preference. If she’s more into a sophisticated look, these shapes are just perfect for her. If you see her wearing boho type of clothing, she’d most possibly prefer the rectangular or marquise shape.  If you are unsure what shape is her favorite, go for the classic. You’ll never go wrong with these shapes. Remember that she’ll be wearing it for the rest of your married life whatever she wears or whatever the occasion may be, so choose sensibly.

One last thing, if you’re budget is a little low, there are many jewelry stores that can help you so don’t worry. You can ask for lower cut, lower clarity, lower carat weight and lower color.