Things A Dog Walker Should Never Do

Dogs are amazing animals, and even better companions. They become a part of the family very quickly, and your life and routines will change forever. Walking the dog is a big part of being a dog owner, and it’s important that it’s done properly. The dog walk is an important aspect to bonding with your pooch and also training him. As a dog walker, there are some behaviors you should avoid as well to make walks safer and more fun for you and your dog while you’re strutting the streets of Chicago.


Put Away The Phone

Even if there is no animal involved, being on the phone while walking can be hazardous. Every day, people get injured because they run into objects like walls or polls, or other walkers. We don’t realize how distracting a phone can be. With a dog, those dangers are doubled. While you are busy chatting, your puppy may end up eating someone’s garbage or something else they’ve found. You could end up with a sick dog and a hefty vet bill just so you could catch up on the gossip. Some people even suggest not listening to music with headphones, but it’s up to you to decide if that’s too distracting. When you’re a dog walker, put away the phone and focus on your dog.


Don’t Use Private Bins For Your Dog Waste

This means you should not place it in someone’s private garbage bin. As tempting as it may be, there is a very real chance you get yelled at. People in Chicago, or anywhere else for that matter, do not like finding dog waste in their garbage cans.


Do Not Approach Another Dog Without Permission

You might have the friendliest pet in the world. It may be safe for them to approach any person or animal and you will have no concerns that she will bite or be violent. However, just because your dog is friendly, does not mean that every other dog is friendly. Just like humans, dogs have a wide variety of personalities. If your dog shows interest in approaching another dog calmly, then ask permission of the owner first. Nobody wants to have to struggle with two dogs who get into a fight.


Do Not Let Your Dog Go Long Periods Without Walking

Dogs need walks for their physical and mental health. Not only that, but they are absolutely essential for building up a bond and training your pet. If you are the household dog walker, and your work or other schedules prevent you from walking your dog regularly. Then you should invest in a dog walking service. Many people are concerned about the cost of dog walking, but in the long run, it will be better for you and your dog if they are getting regular exercise.


Do Not Eat While On A Walk

You may be tempted to pull out a chocolate bar or piece of fruit on a walk, but it’s best to avoid this. Since the walk is an important part of training, you don’t want your dog to be distracted by what you’re eating. They will not be focused on what they are supposed to do, but will be instead be focused on your snack.


These are a few things that you should avoid when walking your dog. The main thing though, is that your dog gets a regular walk every day. Do not let anything, whether it’s your work schedule or the cost of dog walking professionals, prevent that.