Things You May Not Know About Employment Agencies

In today’s San Antonio and Austin job markets, employment agencies are becoming more important to both hiring companies and people who are looking for work or to change careers. The main goal of any job placement service is to place the right candidates in front of the right hirers so that both will benefit. If you are considering using an agency, here are some things you may not know about them.


They Understand the Industry

It’s true that the main goal is placing workers with employers. However, to do that well, they must have an understanding and knowledge of the industries with which they operate. Many agencies specialise in a certain industry, and will have deep insider knowledge and a keen understanding of its unique needs. This is so valuable for those who are pursuing jobs in that field, since they can get valuable advice and insight from a job placement service. It is also valuable to employers, since they can be confident that the agency understands what they are looking for and will provide appropriate candidates.


They Can Develop Skills

There is so much more to getting a job than having the required experience and education. You must also have a well-designed resume to properly communicate that experience. You also need to be able to pass the interview.. Employment agencies can help you put together your resume so you can best convey your credentials to potential employers. They can even do mock interviews so that you practice your skills with them before the real event. Sometimes it is these soft skills that are the difference between a rejection and landing that dream job.


They Are Paid by the Employers, But Dedicated to Their Candidates

Technically, a job placement service works for the employers who hire them. That is who pays their bills. That said, it is their roster of candidates who are their main priority. This is because they understand that to better serve their paying clients, they must provide them with top-quality candidates who will meet the needs of their employers. The better those candidates, the better the relationship with the Employers and the continued business. That is why they are fully invested in the success of their candidates. It is just good business.


They Can Help Negotiate Salary and Benefits

Once a candidate is placed, that does not mean their relationship with the job placement service is over. This relationship continues until the candidate is fully working for the employer. The agency’s job is to make the employer and the worker happy, so they can help to negotiate things like salaries and benefits. That way, both sides are more likely to be happy in the end.


Companies Use Them To Find the Best Talent

There are more San Antonio and Austin companies using employment agencies than you probably realize. The fact is that they understand that putting out advertisements and posting on job boards is not the most efficient and effective way to find talent. By using an agency, they can have qualified candidates presented to them for interviews without having to do all the heavy lifting. In fact, some companies use employment agencies exclusively for all of their hiring. That means that if you are looking for work, there are companies out there that you won’t know are hiring if you are not with an agency.


Whether you are looking to hire or looking for work, a job placement service may be just what you need to find the perfect fit.