Thinking of Hiring a Staffing Agency? What you Should Know.

Recruiting quality talent remains a big challenge for many companies. It’s commonplace to hear about businesses with high turnover rates, lack of productivity, low company morale, or simply the inability to find qualified staff. On the flip side you also hear about individuals who talk about how difficult it is to find a good job.


So, what’s the deal? Why is it that there are so many businesses having the same problem? Quite simply, many businesses aren’t properly equipped to hire staff. And that’s perfectly fine. Business owners shouldn’t have to be hiring experts. They should focus on their own expertise.


That’s what job placement agencies are for. Savvy business owners know that hiring a staffing agency to recruit talent on their behalf is the smart way to go.


So, what can a staffing agency do for you?


For one, a staffing agency can save you a LOT of time. You tell the staffing agency what you’re looking for in a candidate and it becomes their job to find you viable matches. This means no more advertising job postings, reviewing applications, initial screenings, or negotiating salaries. The agency will take care of all of that for you.


Beyond that though, they have the resources and networks to pull from to find highly qualified candidates. They aren’t just relying on advertising methods. They have multiple sources from which to pull.


Remember, job placement agencies exist for this sole reason. Their job is to find top talent for businesses like yours. If they couldn’t deliver, they wouldn’t stay in business.


Debunking a common myth

Many companies shy away from hiring a staffing agency because they don’t want to absorb the cost. In reality though, working with job placement agencies can actually save you money in the long run. How so?


Well, as previously established, hiring a candidate is a lengthy process. All the time your company is spending on recruiting, is time away from doing the actual work that increases the company’s bottom line. Additionally, with hiring any individual comes the risk of making the wrong hiring decision. Unfortunately this happens more often than not. Either the company hires someone who isn’t qualified or the person hired realizes that the job wasn’t for them.


An agency is equipped to address these issues prior to a hiring decision being made. They know what to look for and can avoid many of the common mistakes businesses make in the hiring process.


What you should know prior to hiring an agency


Before hiring any agency it’s always good to do your homework. You’ll want to hire one that listens to your needs. So make sure you’re clear about exactly what it is you are looking for. The more clear you can be, the better job the agency can do when helping you with your staffing needs. This will also help you maintain a good relationship.


In an ideal world the agency will be your go to whenever you have hiring needs. This means that over time both parties will get to know each other at a deeper level and in turn the better equipped the agency will become at finding you top notch candidates.


Think of a staffing agency as your secret weapon. When your team is staffed with quality individuals the sky is the limit for what your business can accomplish.