Tile Cleaning: To DIY or Not To DIY?

There are lots of things that must be done around the house on a regular basis, and certain things that seem to get left by the wayside for months on end. Tile cleaning is often one of those things. The reason it gets left and postponed is that it takes a lot of work to properly clean tiles. Doing the usual spot clean seems to do the trick, so a real scrubbing isn’t always a priority. However, having fresh looking floors always feels nice. Considering the amount of work it takes, hiring on a professional might be a good idea. That way, you can save your own time and sanity by not having to deal with your tiles. Many people avoid hiring someone to help with their tiles, fearing the cost. However, in the long run, using a professional for your tile cleaning may end up saving you money. Here’s what a tile cleaning service can do for you, including some that you probably can’t do yourself.


Increase the Pressure

Mopping is the common, basic way to clean your floors, whether it’s tile or wood floor cleaning that needs to be done. However, there are spots that you simply can’t reach with a mop. Mopping doesn’t get out the really tough grime. High pressure rinsing will attack those sticky spots with a solid blast of water, rinsing those stains away and making your tile floor shine, including in places where a mop might not reach, and in the crevices and seams which are not accessible to mops.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Like those crevices mentioned before, tile has spots that are difficult to reach. A professional will take the time to brush in between your tiles where the grout is. A good tile and grout cleaning will leave your floors glimmering like new, with a beautiful sharp contrast from the newly scrubbed grout. We don’t often clean in those spaces on our own, so a little help can go a long way.



While it’s important to clean your tiles regularly, always remember that with each tile cleaning, your floor will start losing it’s luster. However, using a good sealant will get your tile looking shinier than ever. Sometimes, you can even restore the look of your tiles to a “brand new” condition. Sealant can also prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. Sealant also works to prevent mold and other contaminants. You may also want to do this when you do any wood floor cleaning, as some types also have sealant that rubs away over time.



This is a big one. Believe it or not, hiring a service to come and clean your tiles can save you money in the long run. Sure you can mop and sweep and do your best to keep your floor clean. However, over time, the sheen on the floor can dull, leaving you with a tired-looking  floor that’s in need of some extra attention. You won’t have to go over certain spots again, which will certainly cost you money.


Whether you’re washing dishes or doing some wood floor cleaning,  nobody likes to do housework. Cleaning tiles may even be the most frustrating chore of all, since kneeling and twisting can be quite uncomfortable.  If you’re wondering whether you should hire someone, or do it yourself, make sure to consider these factors when you’re making your decision.