Tile and Grout Cleaning: An Essential Part Of Prepping Your Home To Sell

There is a list of things that will cause the most stress to a person. Changing jobs, a death in the family, or a serious illness, for instance. Selling a home is right up there on that list. The process is long and sometimes complicated, and there is a lot of work involved. Before people start visiting your San Antonio home and examining it from top to bottom to check for flaws, you need to make sure all of your bases are covered. Something that often gets overlooked is tile and grout cleaning. Sure, we all know about wood floor cleaning, but making your tiles look great is just as important. Here are some ways to make sure your tile and grout work looks great for house viewings.



One of the hardest things in your house to clean is the space between your tiles. Plus, because tile is usually found in bathrooms and kitchens, there can be a buildup of moisture, and along with moisture, bacteria. Those spaces also collect a lot of dust and grime, which makes them turn discolored over time. In fact, this buildup can even cause the grout to separate, allowing water to seep under the floor. Tile and grout cleaning can take many hours if it’s been left to build up.Take a look at the mess you have, and decide whether you can do it yourself or might benefit from professional help.


Make Them Shine

As mentioned, tiles and grout can get stained and be a haven for bacteria if left too long, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Mold can also grow, and once it’s taken hold, it can be incredibly difficult to remove. Tile and grout cleaning needs to be thorough to be properly effective. There are always new innovations and technologies to make it easier. A professional service will have the latest trends at their disposal to help with cleaning and to make sure your tiles are shining.


Repair Broken Tiles and Grout

If your tiles and grout are broken, they can look awful, and cause potential buyers to stay away. A broken floor makes people think of foundation problems, even if that’s not really the case. If you need more than just tile and grout cleaning, then you may need to restore those broken sections. You can certainly replace tiles if you want, but you never know if a certain style or color is no longer available, meaning you could have mismatched tiles. Repair is becoming more popular all the time, and might be a good option for your floor. That way, you won’t have to worry about a floor that doesn’t look quite right.


Invest In Professionals

If your floors are in a state where it’s gone beyond just simple tile and grout and wood floor cleaning, then you may want to invest in professionals to get the job done right. There is an extra cost, but you will be able to rest assured that your floors will look as good as they possibly can for your prospective buyers.


It’s vital not to overlook your floors when it comes to preparing your home for sale. That goes doubly for tile and grout, since issues with them can look especially bad to home buyers. Make sure that your tile and grout looks great before you try to sell your home so that you can alleviate at least a little bit of the stress of moving.