Tips and Advice From Today’s Top Foundation Repair Companies When Buying A Home

Buying a home is exciting. It’s a time when you can truly choose what features you want, such as a big yard, the number of bathrooms, and maybe even a modern new kitchen. Many people talk about those exciting things, and gloss over what’s holding it all upright: the foundation. Problems with foundations can be common in San Antonio because of the type of soil and the cycles of the season. A bad foundation can lead to all sorts of issues, and cracked foundation repair can be costly and inconvenient. Here are some tips and advice that foundation repair companies want you to know.


San Antonio Has Specific Foundation Issues

In fact, the whole state of Texas does. First off, the soil in Texas is known to be made up of clay that expands, which can cause shifting. Combine that with the variable temperatures from season to season, and you have a recipe for foundation problems. Other places have similar soil, and others have variable seasonal cycles, but Texas is unique in its combination of both. The regular shrinking and expanding of the soil as it heats up and cools down causes the foundation to weaken, leading to cracks and breakdowns.


Warning Signs

There are several warning signs that foundation repair companies will tell you are indicative of foundation problems. Cracks are probably the most common. Keep an eye out for cracks in bricks, in the drywall and on the ceiling. Also, be sure to check the concrete near the foundation outside, and around doors and windows. You should also check for sloping floors and doors and windows that are jammed or sticky. Be sure to check to make sure that the plumbing is functioning properly, without any leaks, and that there don’t seem to be spots outside where water will pool against the house. Moisture can be devastating for a home’s foundation.


Types of Homes

There are many factors that can cause foundation problems, so it’s difficult to nail down just one type of home that’s more susceptible. If the home is built on soil that is non-compacted, then there will be problems as the soil compacts. Homes that have foundations that stretch deeper into the soil will hold up better than shallow foundations. It doesn’t even matter if a home is newer. If the soil around it shifts, then it can move, so whether it’s brand new or 100 years old, you should always be aware.


What To Do?

If you have a feeling that there might be an issue with your foundation, then a call to an expert should be your next step. Most foundation repair companies can come and do an inspection at no charge, and will give you a better idea of what’s going on and how serious the problem is. If you require cracked foundation repair, or any other fix, they will provide you with an estimate. The cost to repair a foundation can vary, depending on the severity of the issue. It’s up to you whether you’d still want to buy the home. You can make foundation repair a condition of your offer or you can walk away if you feel the risk is too great. What’s important is to know before you buy the house what you’re dealing with.


When buying a home, don’t forget about the foundation. Remember this guide to prevent getting stuck with costly repairs and damage you weren’t expecting.