Tips to become an expert DJ

While in a club or a party, a majority of us might have asked the DJ to play our jam. The amazing beats that a DJ plays, the amazing music that he blends and the super beatboxing that he does in the middle of the song is something that not everyone can do. Thus, if you are aspiring to become a Disco Jockey or a DJ, you must learn to match everything in sync, but most importantly, you must learn to blend your own music and musical expressions with all the desires of your audience. Being a DJ is not about mixing a few beats, but about being empathic, observant as well as reactive.


Following are the tips using which you can strive on becoming an expert DJ:


  • Choose the right equipment – the laptop, deck, etc.:

The first step that you must focus on before setting your affair with beat matching and beat boxing is finding yourself the right equipment where you can practice all the skills of being a DJ. From a decent laptop where you can find a number of software to blend your music to the cheapest set of decks and rudimentary CDJs, finding the right equipment is very important for you. Instead of finding a mixer, you can use a decent laptop to install a DJ software which works as the same. For more information about which laptop is best for DJ etc check this: best laptop for djing to buy in 2018 (top 10 expert picked)


  • Give your mixes a listen:

Recording and listening back to your mixes for a couple of times even when you are jamming and practicing your sessions is a great idea. This is because it will allow you to hear everything and know where you have gone wrong. Likewise, you can also make mental notes for yourself and learn a lot of things while reviewing and revisiting your music for a number of times.


  • Know whatever you are playing:

According to a great Disco Jockey, it is always preferable to look backwards in order to go forward. Thus, you must not forget to know your history. If you are wanting to be an expert DJ, it is recommended not to be militant on sticking on to a single genre. Everything in music is influenced by some other music. Thus, it is very important for you to know where all these things are coming from. Know whatever you are playing and this will give you even better understanding of the music that you are going to mix.


  • Play as often as you can:

Playing as often as you can is highly advised in order to reach out to the perfection of being a Disco Jockey. Play as often as you can – wherever you are invited. Whether it is any competition of DJs or a small birthday party of your brother’s friend, whether it is the college event or any other function which invites you to show your skills – participate in anything and everything. This is going to give you more confidence and the regular practice of it is going to polish your skills.


  • It’s bad to go too hard too early:

It is strictly not advisable to go hard too early while you are beginning with your skills at a gig happening around you. Always remember, you start with playing right in order to warm up the crowd first and then you begin with everything that is loud and full of variations.


  • Promote yourself on social media:

Social media has always been a great platform where you can voice your opinions, interact and socialize with all your friends and promote that talent within you. Thus, you must not forget to keep your social media updated with all the DJ related activities that you are performing at present. You must make sure to interact and tell your friends about your new talent and showcase a glimpse of it in the form of a video as well. However, you must always be careful about not posting anything that is negative in nature.


  • Keep it real:

The best thing that you can do while you are playing your music is to always keep it real. Always play the music that you love and care about. It is important to acknowledge the interest of your audience, however what’s more important is to have faith in your own music taste.


Follow these easy-peasy tips and you will surely nail the task of becoming the best DJ.